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Do We All Deserve That Kind of Karma?!
by Leah Sellers
2017-06-19 10:34:25
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Oooo-wee !  Did you hear about Rob’s running into one of Henry’s cows yesterday mornin’ ?  Zeke asked his old Friend.
“No,”  answered Howard as he blew on, and cooled, the hot black coffee in his cup. “ Can’t say that I have.  But Rob is a very cautious guy, and a slow driver.  I can’t see that happenin’ to him.  You sure you got your facts straight, Zeke ?”
pism01_400“You bet I do.  Heard this bit of news from Fritz Kalbow down at the General Store yesterday.  So, I speed-dialed Rob’s wife, Betty Joe, to check on Rob’s well bein’,”  Zeke paused to take a sip of his own coffee.  “Ooo-wee !  That’s hot !  Just the way I like it.”
“Well ?”  Howard said impatiently.  “What did you find out ?”
“Rob is fine, but Henry’s cow is stone, cold dead,”  Zeke said with finality.
“Sorry, to hear that.  But how did Rob run over a cow in the first place ?”
“”Well, he’s been doin’ a lot of construction work on his old barn.  It appears that he ran over one of his own nails, on his way back into town for some more nails and wood beams.”
“Then just as he was windin’ up on one of the really crooked parts of that old kaliche road close to Henry’s place, his tire blew out.  Rob lost control of his ’ole truck, and careened into one of Henry’s cows,”  Zeke summarized.
“Seems that the cow had gotten through Henry’s fence lookin’ for greener grass just in time to meet its demise,”  Zeke shook his head slowly with a sigh.
“Now, that’s some Karma for ya’,”  Zeke said as he slurped another sip from his cup.
“Karma ?  What’s that got to do with what happened ?”  Howard asked shortly.  “Everything that occurred before, during and after the accident is a result of random events all coming together to create what happened in that moment in time, Zeke.”
“Yeah, that’s Karma, Howard,”  Zeke said defensively.
“Do you think that Rob deserved to run into, and kill his neighbor’s cow that mornin‘, Zeke ?  That Rob deserved to have his truck damaged, possibly totaled by runnin’ into somethin’ that solid and heavy ?  That the cow deserved to die, just because it was lookin’ for grass to eat, durin’ this drought we’re havin’ ?  That we all deserve to be under a drought in this region of the state for some wrong thing that we’re all supposed to have
done ?  That Henry deserved to lose the investment and care he had put into that cow ?”  Howard asked evenly.
“Well, no,”  Zeke said uncertainly.
“Then how can you say that it was Karma, Zeke ?”  Howard asked acerbically.
“Well, that’s what everyone says when someone gets what’s comin’ to ’em ?”
“Do you hear the faultiness of that statement, Zeke ?”
“Now, listen, Howard, what in tarnation are you gettin’ so riled up about ?”  Zeke asked irritably.  “I am merely relatin’ to you what happened to our friend, Rob.  Just thought you’d like to know, just in case you wanted to check in on him and Betty Joe,”  Zeke said accusingly.
Howard shifted around in his chair, and took another slow draught of his coffee.  It was finally cool enough for his liking.  “I’m sorry, Buddy.  I just get so tired of hearin’ folks misuse that term.”
“Well, don’t you believe in Karma ?”  Zeke asked.
“No.  Not the way most folks use it, that is,” Howard admitted.
Howard closed his eyes and said, “The dictionary says that Karma is a force generated by a person’s actions in Hinduism and Buddhism to perpetuate Transmigration and in its Ethical Consequences to determine the nature of the person’s next existence,”  Howard opened his blue eyes once again, and took another sip of coffee.
“Why do you always close your eyes when you spout off somethin’ you’ve memorized,” Zeke asked.  “You’ve done that since grade school.”
“Closin’ my eyes helps me focus, and not get distracted,”  Howard explained.  “And most of the time, I can visualize what I’m recallin’ right off of the page, if I do it.”
“Huh, makes sense, I guess,”  Zeke said. “Then get ready to close your eyes again, because I do not know what Transfiguration is, Buddy,”  Zeke grinned over his coffee cup.
Howard grinned as well, as he closed his eyes and recited, “ Transfiguration, is to change in form or appearance:  an exalting, glorifying, or spiritual change.  It is also a Christian feast in commemoration of the Transfiguration of Christ on the mountaintop in the presence of three disciples.”
Howard opened his eyes, still grinning, and said, “Now, that’s a mouthful.”
Zeke laughed out loud, “You got that right.  That sounded like a bunch of gobblety-goop to these ears.  It’s too early to be speakin’ of ghostly Apparitions and Resurrections.”
“Ha !  Now, that’s an interestin’ point-of-view.  Is that what you heard in that definition ?”
“You bet it is,”  Zeke answered flatly.  “All of that mumbo-jumbo is best left to pastors, priests, monks and prognosticators.”
“Ha !  Then why did you say that Rob and Henry’s cow deserved the bad luck that befell all of them yesterday, and call it Karma ?”  Howard asked calmly.
“Rob is a Good Man and a Good Friend, Howard.  He’d give a stranger the shirt off of his back if they needed it worse than he did.  And you know that,”  Zeke said defensively.
“Yes, I do know that,”  Howard retorted.  “That’s why I get so irritated with folks like you misusing the term Karma.  That they, and you, actually believe that folks have bad things or good things happen to them because they deserve it.”
“In my Book, you get what you get, good or bad, and do the best you can to deal with it,”  Howard added.
“Take America for instance, She’s havin’ to deal with some things within and about herself as best she can right now.  And how She deals with it will determine what happens to Her, and the rest of the World in the future,”  Howard said heavily.
“Gol’ durn it, Howard, are you gonna’ start insultin’ Trump again ?”  Zeke said hotly.  “You know I voted for him.  And I’m stickin’ with him.  He spoke up for the Little Man, when nobody else did.”
“Bernie Sanders spoke up for the Middle Class and the Little Man, Zeke,”  Howard shot off. “ And Hillary did some, too, but it was hard for some folks to take her message all that seriously because of all of the Baggage around the Clinton’s money and her husband’s past bad behaviors hangin’ around her neck.  Besides she was a woman, and she had that workin’ against her, too.”
“Howard, we have been through all of this before, Buddy.  Why are you bringin’ all of this up again ?”  Zeke implored.  “I just want to enjoy my mornin’ coffee, with an old Friend, and get on with the rest of my day in peace.  I do not want to argue with you.”
“Just bear with me a little, Zeke,”  Howard said.  “Then I’ll drop the subject completely.  I swear.”
“That’ll be the day,”  Zeke grunted.  “You’re like a dog with a bone when you get started on all of this political stuff.  I wish I’d never heard of the word Karma.  Who would have guessed that such a little word could start such a fire storm with you ?”
“Just bear with me, just a little bit,”  Howard repeated.  “Let me make my point.  Then you can take it or leave it.  If you don’t want to discuss it anymore, we won’t.”
“Zeke sighed dramatically.  “Alright, then.  Go ahead, but first let me pour another cup of coffee.  How about you ?  You want a warm-up ?”
“Sure, that sounds good,”  Howard said, as Zeke poured himself another cup of steaming coffee and then did same for Howard.
“Thank you, Zeke,”  Howard said appreciatively, taking another sip before he dug into the conversation he had been itching to have with childhood friend. 
He loved Zeke, and it was hard for him to relate to someone who would vote for someone like Donald Trump for president.  As a result, he felt it was his duty to his Friend to at least discuss the matter with him.  Howard was glad that Zeke had brought up the topic of Karma, because it had wound up being the perfect lead-in to a conversation that Zeke had deliberately been avoiding for a very long time. 
Howard knew that Zeke usually avoided confrontation, but he was willing to give it a go anyway.
Zeke surprised Howard by suddenly asking,”  Why don’t you believe in Karma, Howard ?”
“Well, it started with my taking a look at what it really meant, and then seeing how it had evolved in certain people’s thoughts and actions toward one another.  I felt the term got Weaponized,”  Howard said earnestly.
“I always got offended when somethin’ bad would happen to someone else, and folks would say, ’well they must have done somethin’ to deserve that Karma.’  Or they’d say ‘well that’s their Karma comin’ back on ’em’.”
“Bein’ the Christian, that I am, I would always take a look at Christ’s Life,”  Howard said.  “He was the Son of God made flesh.  He was an Enlightened Being ahead of His time, and because He thought and behaved differently from most other folks, and had some very special skills and talents that nobody understood, like being able to Heal the sick, the blind, the lame, the dis-eased, and raise the dead, he was Loved by some and hated by others.”
“Because Christ perceived things differently and thought and did things differently from most folks he was put upon a pedestal and adored by some and denigrated and ostracized by others.”
“Before all was said and done, and because he refused to become a Political/Religious King like many wanted him to do, those closest to him, all of his disciples, and all of his followers Betrayed him.  They denounced him and allowed the jealous and fear-based, Power hungry Jewish Scribes and Pharisees, and the jealous, fear-based, Power hungry Roman Politicians, and their Soldiers, to publicly torture, humiliate, revile, crucify and murder him.”
Howard looked Zeke straight in the eyes.  “Did Christ, with all of his Morality, Good Works and Divinity deserve that Karma ?”
Zeke squinted back at his friend, and shifting uncomfortably in his chair, said, “Well, no he did not.”
“So, you see why I don’t believe in the kind of Karma most other people hurl at other folks just to make themselves feel better about their own circumstances and themselves ?”  Howard asked.
“Yes, but what has that got to do with America and Trump ?”  Zeke asked impatiently.
“Trump is the Dark Underbelly Reaction to Obama,”  Howard said quickly.  “Obama saved this Nation from the Great Recession brought about by Elitist Men just like Trump playin’ fast-’n-loose with the Common Man and Woman’s hard earned cash, and their present and future’s hopes and dreams.”
“Economies have just become computerized Algorithmic Games to play for day and night traders, and hedge-funders, and Bankers and Corporate Cogheads, and such.  They play around with the accumulation of electronic numbers all day long.  They have forgotten that they’re playin’ around with other people’s lives, because the World has given such a hefty and arbitrary meaning to those electronic blips zippin’ around and hoppin’ up and down on a whim, on somebody’s and anybody’s computer screens.”
“The value of folks is actually attached to the amount of Electronic Numbers or Paper or Coin Money that they have been able to accumulate, and then hold onto.”
“But the World has created Mega-Systems and Mega-Corporate/Bankin’ entities that are making it harder and harder for folks to hang onto the Electronic Numbers, Paper or Coin Money they do accumulate throughout their lifetimes.”
“What has that got to do with Obama and Trump ?”  Zeke interrupted.
“Well, Obama, with his message of Hope and Change for the Better, was still a Black Man who wound up in the White House.  And you know, as well as I do, that offended an awful lot of White Folks.  An awful lot of Birtherism Folks, just like Trump.”  Howard said pointedly.
“Obama is a Black Man.  A Man from a historically recent Slave Class.  One of America’s finest hours, in Voting a Man like Obama into office, became rank and sour grapes in the mouths of many, who were repelled by the color of his skin being attached to the Presidency.  A Slave Class becomin’ a part of the Overlord Class through somethin’ called a Democratic Popular Vote.”
“Obama’s black skin made him a part of the Scapegoat Class to many folks in America.  And so they responded to him like he was a Scapegoat for all of their disgruntlements.  But those disgruntlements were magnified, and not glorified, because he was a Black Scapegoat.”
“As President, Obama BeCame a Physical Thought Declaration of one of the True Realizations of Equal Rights and Opportunities for One and All.  And that scared a lot of folks, because it was a Change and Expression of Hope that many were not really ready for,”  Howard said forcefully.
“Obama proved himself to be a brilliant, compassionate, measured, self-controlled, thoughtful, just, fair-minded and wise National and World leader on many fronts. And that made his affront to Racial Tensions even greater, because many wanted to see him fail, and did everything they could to try to make him fail, even if it hurt America, and in some ways, made Her fail.”
“Did Obama deserve that so-called Karma ?  Did America deserve that so-called Karma ?”
“Well, I guess that’s a matter of perspective, I’d say, Howard,”  Zeke answered.
“Exactly !  It‘s all a matter of Perspective, Zeke.”
“Then comes the White Backlash, and folks respondin’ to an Elitist, Amoral, Narcissistic, Lyin‘, Cheatin’ Con Man, who says he understands the plight of the Little Man, and the Little Women he’s always tryin’ to disrespectfully kiss and feel off, and get into bed with, because he thinks his money and celebrity give him the right to behave and use folks that way.”
“Howard, you take that back.  That is all fake news !”  Zeke said crossly.
“Oh blither-blather, Zeke.  That is just who the man is. And now America and all of the rest of the Globe is sufferin‘ and or laughin‘ at America, because some folks were not able to take a good hard look at themselves and honestly work on and change things within themselves that needed to be worked on and changed !”  Howard exclaimed.
“Donald Trump thinks about no one else but himself, and those who toady-up to him, and help him maintain his Self-Adulation and Power.  He does nothin’ that does not send Money, Power and Glory his way.  He is a Man-Child of the Golden Calf.”
“Just look at what he and the Republicans are secretly doin’ to our Healthcare System that they are deliberately sabotaging, so that folks are once again at the mercy of the greedy Insurance Corporations, and Medical Systems !  To our Banking Systems that they are de-regulating for the benefit of the Rich, not the shrinking Middle Class and growing Working Poor and outright
Poor !  To our Public Schools that they are dismantlin’ so that a handful of short-sighted, greedy, Corporate types can Profit off of everybody !  To our military sons and daughters they wanna’ continue to use as mercenaries in Afghanistan, and the Middle Eastern Endless Wars that the Saudis and some other Middle Eastern Rulers want us to stay embroiled in, just to keep their own folks at bay, and keep them from reacting internally to the horrors of their own Rulers poor, and oftentimes, abusive leadership practices !  And the list goes on and on, Zeke !”
“Trump is so busy tryin’ to save his own hide from his own lies and messes, that he is very selfishly, inadvertently and advertently, makin’ America’s and the World’s lies and messes, that he is upsettin’ and confusin‘, and/or dismantlin’ and destroyin’ as much as possible in the process !  He, and his cronies and cohorts, have all set off a National and Global Fire Storm, because most folks are sick unto death of it !”
“Do all of us deserve that kind of Karma, Zeke ?  Does America deserve that kind of Karma ?  Does the whole, wide World deserve that kind of Karma ?  Are we all supposed to be stuck with this kind of Karma for the rest of our live-long lives, Zeke?  Huh ?”  Howard asked defiantly.
Howard received no response.
“Zeke ?”


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