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I Do Not Recall! I Do Not Recollect! I Do Not Know!
by Leah Sellers
2017-06-17 10:41:09
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Bang !  Bang !  Bang !  The Congress Chairman’s gave; banged loudly throughout the over-crowded, august Chamber.
“Sir, if you could give us your name and your titular title, U. S. Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, these Honorable Congressmen of the Judiciary Committee would greatly appreciate it.”
sess01_400_01“I do not Recall !  I do not Recollect !  I do not believe that I Know, Mr. Chairman !”
“Sir ?”
“Oh right.  Excuse me, please.  Ha !  Ha !  I’m a little nervous, and I jumped the gun a bit, Mr. Chairman.  My name is Jeff Sessions, and I am the U. S. Attorney General.”
“Thank you, sir.  Senator New York, you may begin the Session.”
“Sessions ?  That’s right.  Jeff Sessions, the U.S. Attorney General as I Recall, Recollect and Know it to be.  I know who I am, do you ?”
“Uh, yes sir, we all of us within this esteemed Chamber know who you are, and I feel certain that I can say that for the most part, every other one of my Colleagues you see before you does, as well, sir.  We all Recall, Recollect and Know who we are.”
“Now, sir, is President Trump exercising his Constitutional Executive Privilege regarding your Partial Self-Recusal from the Russian Investigation or any of the events or knowledge you have regarding the Real Reasons for the firing of the FBI Director, James Comey, or anything else involving or included within the ongoing Russian Investigation ?”
“My answering anything about anything is Inappropriate, Senator New York.  I Recall nothing.  I Recollect nothing.  I Know nothing about anything you may want to ask me about these topics you want to grill me on in this very, and as far as I am concerned, far too Public display.”
“In fact, I deeply resent this detestable stain upon my many years of sterling Public Service to our great country.”
“You Recall, Recollect and Know nothing, sir ?”
“I am Appropriately protecting King….er, I mean, President Trump’s Constitutional Right to use his Executive Privilege if he so chooses, to shut everyone up, if he pleases, before he is asked to answer some of these very same grueling and possibly life-altering questions.”
“So, no sir, I Recall, I Recollect, I Know nothing about any of this, so to speak.  But, I can sure play at a mean Game of Ring-Around-The-Rosies. 
Ha !  Ha !  Let the Games begin !”
“So, you are running Rings Around this Congress so that you can Protect a Possibility, sir ?”
“Yes, the Possibility of what President Trump might want to do in the future with his right to invoke his Executive Privilege.”
A long Silence filled the Chamber.  Papers shuffled and folks shifted uncomfortably in their chairs.
“Is that all you have to say to this Congress, Mr. Sessions ?”
“Yes, that is all, as I Recall, I Recollect and Know, Mr. Chairman.  And I will say these very same things to any smaller Classified Meetings you want to grill me in later on, as well. By Jove !”
“Then this Meeting is adjourned !”  Bang !  Bang !  Bang ! The gavel flatly, though loudly, rang throughout the Chamber.
”Good, I need to run on over to the Appropriately Appropriating Secret Health Care Gutting, Slicing-and-Dicing meeting taking place elsewhere right now on Capitol Hill.”
“And why is the Health Care meeting Secret, Mr. Sessions ?”
“Don’t y’all Recall, Recollect or Know anything ?  I, Jeff Sessions, the U. S. Attorney General, do not Recall !  Do not Recollect !  Do not Know !  Ha !  Ha !”
“Now, stop grilling me !  Get out of my, and the Trumpian-Bannonite Regime’s way !  I have an Appropriate part to play continuing to help unravel and undermine for Profit and Self-Protection of a Few, like me, our fine democracy !”
“This, I Recall, !  This, I Recollect !  This, I Know, because the CEO, Autocratic King of the Trumpian-Bannonite Regime, that I have given my fealty to, tells me so !”


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