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by David Sparenberg
2017-06-15 10:44:18
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At end of day when gold-white light of sun has departed the sky and Helios is resting the horses of his chariot, occasionally I will again take up my antique lantern and wander the streets of Athens.  As darkness thickens, there is an anguish navigating the twists and turns of narrow streets.  To myself I whisper, “What would they say, if only these ancestral stones and long remembering marbles on the Acropolis could speak?”
diog01_400Sometimes in my wandering, I meet a passerby and shine the lantern-light in his face.  Sometimes someone will ask me, “What are you looking for?”  I am always prepared to answer and respond with, “That which while embodied is seldom visible.”
Sometimes someone, perhaps incredulously, inquires, “How can you hope to find what cannot be seen?”  Knowing that both vision and truth are elusive, I reply, “The task is daunting, all but impossible and affords me no rest.”

Occasionally an indignant citizen hurls a stone.  On occasion, somebody outraged by my ritual will raise a fist and shout after me as they recede in hast into the dark, “Can’t you give it up?  Socrates is dead!  Must you infect us with his memory?”  Miasma clings even to my mendicant-rags, or so it seems!

Often then the angry one will curse the light of my lantern and spit on the ground in an effort to obscure my presence.
Prostitutes, painted and perfumed women of all ages, who only ply their trade at night, are more honest than these evasive shadows hurrying to get away or obstinately beat a path to any one of the many public houses of denial.
Social ethos here would have it that a stillborn mirror is more comforting to mediocrity and vanity than the living light of critical thinking and a stupefying carousal preferable to inquiry.  Oh, these somnambulant denizens of a dying democracy!


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