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The Bee Hive's Wiggle-Waggle Dance
by Leah Sellers
2017-06-12 10:07:52
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The Bee Hive’s Wiggle-Waggle Dance
Buzz, Buzz, Buzz
Says the Busy Scout Bee
A-Wiggle and a-Waggle
Grab a-hold of me
bee01_400_01And let’s all Dance and Vibrate
So airily and fancy free
We’ll make a Pattern Eight
Instead of a Square
Usin’ the Sun as Our Guide
So every Buzzin’ Bee knows
Here and everywhere
The Location, Distance and Direction
Of what we’re all lookin’ for out there
Then come on along and Fly with me
To Flowers and Fields of Greenery
Filled with Nectar and Pollen
That Our Hive will be Transformin’
Along with Bee-nufactured Bee’s Wax
We’ll all be Constructin’ and Conformin’
And all the Golden Honey
We’ll be Makin’ and a-Shakin’
 A-Slurpin’ and a-Burpin’
From all the Nectar and Pollen
We’ll be Gatherin’ and a-Haulin’
It’s the Wiggle-Waggle Dance and Vibe
That’s the Life’s Source of the Hive
Lose the Wiggle-Waggle Dance
Lose the Guidance of the Sun
Lose the Location, Distance and Direction
Of the Sources of the Hive’s Nectar and Pollen
And the Hives Life and Existence is ended
Before its Begun
The Scout Bee is the Hive’s
Compass of True North
When the Scout a-Wiggles and a-Waggles
The Bees all join in
And they all Fly forth
But, if the Bees lose a Sense of Place or Location
If the Bees lose Sight of the Distance to their Goals
If the Bees lose Sight and Flight of their Life’s Direction
Then the Hive loses as a Whole
The Hive loses its Sense of Purpose
Of Meaning and Cohesion
‘Cause when the Bees of the Hive
Get Hazy, Dazy, Lazy, Lost, Dis-pleased and Dis-pleasin’
When their Wiggle doesn’t Waggle
And their Waggle doesn’t Wiggle
And they All get Chaotically Confused
They All have Everything to Lose
Those that don’t die
Will take to the sky
With a New Leader
(In this case a Queen
Who loves her Drone)
‘Cause we all know that in a Bee’s Busily Buzzin’ Hive
You’re never alone
And if that Leader-Bee
Due to her Faithful Scout
Prove to have
More Wiggle and a-Wagglin’ Dancin’
True Sun Harmonies
Free from Crazy Eights
And Flyer’s Doubts
And to be more Productively thrivin’ and a-Jivin’
With the New Busily Buzzin’ Hive
They’re All Buildin’ and Buzzily Scribin’
Then that Healthy, Ingenious, Constructive
Dis-ease-free Hive
Will Dance with Glee
And Wiggle and a-Waggle
In Buzzy, Honey-drippin’ and a-trippin’ Ecstasy
And Industriously thrive
And Stay a-Busily a-Buzzin’ and Alive
So, Buzz, Buzz, Buzz
Says the Busy Scout Bee
A-Wiggle and a-Waggle
Grab a-hold of me
And All Dance and Vibrate
So airily and fancy free
A-Wiggle and a-Waggle
Come and Dance with me !


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