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The Dream of an Implosive Conversion of a Big Bang-Suicide Bomber-Warrior's Violent Perversions
by Leah Sellers
2017-06-08 10:31:58
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The Dream of an Implosive Conversion of a Big Bang-Suicide Bomber-Warrior’s Violent Perversions
The Big Bang-Suicide Bomber-Warrior
Bowed and fervently Prayed to his/her God
Oh, Lord of All !
When I Explode
ter01_400_05My mangled and scattered Body Parts shall give Rise to
Another Murderous and Violent Ripple Effect
Throughout My Enemies - the Others - the Infidels
Of the Great Satan of the West
And the North and the South and the East
And the……
All Others and Infidels Outside of
My - of Your - of Our People’s - of Our Culture’s
Of Our Religion’s - of Our Government’s - of Our Court’s
Of Our Traditions….
Of our Beliefs, Oh, God of All !
This Big Bang-Suicide Bomber-Warrior
Gladly gives up my Life Force to the Cause
And to the Leaders of the Cause
Who demand Destruction and Rivers of Life’s Blood and Tears
And Sacrifice of the Other -
The Infidel - the Outsider - the Excluded - the Villified
For in joining this Empowering Violently and Murderous Cause
This Big Bang-Suicide Bomber-Warrior is no longer
The Outsider - the Excluded -
The Poverty, Famine, Malady, Dis-eased and worn down Villified
This Big Bang-Suicide Bomber-Warrior
Joins the ranks of the Elevated Sanctified and Justified
This Big Bang-Suicide Bomber-Warrior
Becomes a Martyr
For My God of All
For My People, My Family, My Ideological Cause
My God of All will enfold Me into His Approving Arms
This Big Bang-Suicide Bomber-Warrior
Will no longer be Poor or Famine ridden
Or weakened and eaten up day-by-day
By Individual and Systemic Maladies UnHealed
Because of the onus and unseemly uncleanliness
Of what is conveniently, cruelly and predatorily Perceived
To be a deservedly Poverty-ridden
And an Impoverished
Mind, Body, Heart and Soul
This Big Bang-Suicide Bomber-Warrior
Will Reap the Property of Heavenly Riches
And the Property of Women
Will be made Elevated and Adored
What a Relief of Blessings that will Be !
By Big Bang exploding Me !
My weaponized Body Parts
Will scatter and shatter My Perceived Enemies
The infidels have murdered and scattered Our Children
We shall Do the Same to Yours
Hate-filled Vengence is our Need-filled Creed
The Great Satan may roar and pounce
And that is our plan
Because the more Poor and Middle-classed
Famine-ridden, Malady and Disease-plagued Children
Spurned and Scorned
And Mutilated and Murdered by the West - and all Others
The more Empowered the God
And Leaders
And Backers of the Leaders
Of My God of All Become
For my Holy Man preaches
That our Leaders are Blessed Souls
Because they have Predatorily
And Gluttonously acquired and hold onto
Earthly Property of Riches, Women and Slaves
Slaves to run their Property of Riches, Women and Slaves
Which requires An Agreement of such a System
And that System is kept in tact by God’s Will
Which is kept in tact and in place
By the Will of the Blessed, God Given Leaders
But in My experience it is Humanity that gives
The Leaders these Powers over One and All…..
This Big Bang-Suicide Bomber-Warrior
Must not think such blasphemous things
This Big Bang-Suicide Bomber-Warrior
Must Destroy all Others
To Create The Sacred Caliphate
Which will Raise our God of All above all Others
Our Holy Men and Ruling Leaders high
And enrich their Earthly and Heavenly Kingdoms mightily
For it is Foretold
That the Predators randomly called upon and made Successful
Shall Rule the Earth
And continue to Prey upon Rewarded Prey while in Heaven
This Big Bang-Suicide Bomber-Warrior
Is the Harbinger of never ending Wars
Revenge and Destruction
The Warrior’s searing bullet
The poisonous gases and bigger sky bombs
Our Leaders and their Corporate backers purchase
Or have concocted
For Us to lay waste to Villages, Cities and Families
Within a few spilled grains within the Sands of Time
We, the Big Bang-Suicide Bomber-Warriors
Will end their cursed Suffering
Their Reasoning
Their meaningful Rhyme
Service is Sacrifice
And so This Big Bang-Suicide Bomber-Warrior
Of The Cause
And The Leaders and Holy Men who direct me to spend my Energies
This Way so that They may Expand and further Empower Their Powers
And Glories on this Earth
As This Big Bang-Suicide Bomber-Warrior
Simultaneously Expands and further Empowers My Power
And Glories on this Earth, if allowed,
But definitely in Heaven
When in a murderous and destructive Suicide Bomber’s Big Bang
This Big Bang-Suicide Bomber-Warrior is sent immediately
Into a Pain-free, Poverty-free, Famine-free, Malady-Free
Enriching and Happy Heaven !
Halleluiah !  Praise God of All !
But, God of All !
A nagging Question lingers
Why is Humanity so enamored with and by our Own
Competitive Power and vain Glory and Riches
That We continue to Refuse to Learn and Change
And to Evolve into Some Thing Better ?
Why does Humanity
With all of its Creativity and Ingenuity
And Historical and Psychological and Sociological Knowledge
And Aspirational Wisdom
Refuse, for the most part, to Form and Allow
New Cultural, Political and Economic Systems to Evolve
Which would offer Peace, Stability, Security and Happiness to One and All
And not just for those with greater Predatory
Or uncontrolled, but all too Controlling, Gluttonous Skills
And the Will to Oppress and Suppress Others
In order to keep themselves held aloof and high ?
And God of All !
Why do all of the World’s Systems
In one fashion or another
Some more askew than others
All have to Be based on Hierarchal Pyramids and Triangles of Power ?
Why can’t the World’s Systems BeCome
One continuous, Thriving, Resonating
Sustaining, Maintaining and Nurturing Circle of Life
And the Energetic Powers of Life
Cosmic Threads of Energy
That Benefits and Uplifts One and All
And what They have to Offer and Share with the World
As We all strive to Benefit and Uplift
The Great Planet Earth We All Live upon
As it is in Heaven
So it Can also Be on Earth !
For All Life is Precious
All Life has its own Power
All Life is its own Form of Cosmic Greatness and Force
To be Expressed, Realized and Idealized !
Oh, God of All !
With these imploding epiphanies
This Big Bang-Suicide Bomber-Warrior
Of Violence and Mayhem is feeling the ‘least of these’
What is to be done ?
My Mission has been unraveled, undone
For another Realization of Ideation has Begun
And this Big Bang-Suicide Bomber-Warrior
Is imploding into an Illuminating Sun !
This Big Bang-Suicide Bomber-Warrior
Who was Taught and Chose the Teaching
Of UnHoly, Holy Destructive Violence, Revenge, Murder and Chaos
Which I thought made My-Self Bravely and Heroically
Honored, Justified and Sanctified in Memory and the AfterLife
Has had a Big Bang Cosmic Shift
And Seeks a New and Better Thought Out and Formed Life
Here on Earth for One and All
Expressed and Made through Energies of Peace
And Universal and wholly Inclusive Bridge-Building Harmonies
Oppressive and Suppressive Systems
Create Poverty, Famine, Maladies, Dis-ease
And the Sufferings and Despairs that accompany them
Poverty, Famine, Maladies and Dis-ease
Of the Mind, Body, Heart and Soul
Create Demons of Darkness and Chaos
Within and Without of the Same
They, and the Leaders that arise because of them
And out of them
With supposedly Uplifting and Uplifted Ends
Create Big Bang-Suicide Bomber-Warriors like Me
Because we have nothing to lose but our Hardships and Lives
And everything to gain in Heaven
Our Ultimate Prize
The Big Bang of our exploded scattered remains
Or Knife and Gun attacks on Soft Targets of the Others
Who are in actuality,
Without the Dis-eases of skewed Chosen Realities
Our Human Sisters and Brothers
Others simply and innocently happily enjoying their lives
At Concerts or other Public Settings
While Our Loved Ones and Others die under Careless
Profit-Making Power Games of Drone Fire
And whizzing Planes dropping Big Bang
Exploding Eggs and Seeds of Destruction
Murder and Hate-ridden Chaos
Upon the already Poverty, Famine, Malady and Dis-ease-ridden
No, the Leaders do not order the attack of Palaces or Homes
Of the Leaders, and their cronies and cohorts
Locked safely within 
Imagined-into-Reality Systems of Perpetuated Oppression, Suppression
Impoverishment, Dis-ease, Death, Suffering and Despair
That hammer and demoralize The Many
While Enriching and Empowering The Few
No, no the Leaders Lead and the UnHoly Holy Men Pray and Plead
Their bleating Civilians and Troops of Warriors and Killing Machines
Even This Big Bang-Suicide Bomber Warrior
Into the Disruption and Destruction of Civilian dwellings
Small businesses, small neighborhood banks
Small neighborhood hospitals………
Because by Culling out the diminished and diminishing Many
They maintain and sustain Their Power, Riches and Control
Of The Many They claim To Be Doing It All For
Terrible, dysfunctionally functioning and perpetuated Systems
Forever creating Profit-Making Poverty, Famine, Dis-ease
Rumors of Wars and Perpetual Wars
And Pyramid scheming Empire-building Corporations
That vie for the same Powers and Controls over The Enslaved Many
Who Create, Supply and Purchase the War Machines
That all Warriors use to Murder, Abuse and Destroy
The Many - not the Ruling and Empowered Few
These are All Events and Systems and Energies of our Own Choosing !
We Can All Be Better !
We Can All Choose Better !
We Can All Be Systemically Better !
So, why, Oh God of All !
Do we continue to Choose and Perpetuate
This Self-and-Other-Defeating Reality
This Reality is a Self and Other Annihilating
Dark Matter Big Bang leading to
Nihilistic Black Hole Nothingess
When all is Said and Done
This Once-Upon-a-Time-Big Bang-Suicide Bomber-Warrior
Is Choosing to Seek and Energetically Seed
Another Individual and Systemic Reality
One which Enriches, Empowers, Uplifts
Honors, Cherishes. Reveres, Sustains, Maintains
Justifies and Sanctifies
Humanity and Earth as the One and All
And All in One !


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