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Bundling - a reply to Ursula Poersch
by David Sparenberg
2017-06-08 10:32:18
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“…time should come in, which seems to test everything well…” -Plato

At the threshold of death, the soul, constituting a multi-dimensional perception and repository for the episodic experiences of individuation, bundles life’s profoundest passion.  This includes the life’s dominate emotion, direction, disposition.  And this is for both good and evil; for ascension unto integrity or descent into fragmentation.

I contend that this process of bundling occurs in every life on the way to the threshold of death.  And the process is slow, cumulative and accountable, or forced, shocked and abrupt.  One of these two is truly a bundling of the life skein out of duration, of affinities, corrections, reflections, affections.  The other is a sudden imposition, trauma, a shocked grasping; literally with the gasping of last breath. 

life01_400_01For me, in deep conviction, the difference between these two is one significant basis to oppose and advocate against acts of life annihilating violence, of murder, war and terror, and the fatal intrusions of disease, causing convulsions of premature death.

Howsoever, you can evaluate how peaceful and compassionately prepared passage is better; is going the way of elevation, spiritual evolution, even enlightenment; and part of a wholesome, balanced, universal bio-economy.  Crossing the threshold called natural death is viewed here as passage in a continuum.  And the significance of the bundling is this:

That which has held you in life and increased the vertical light of your humanity or the anti-human breeding into the plethora of time, the personalization of an eclipse, this way or that prepares the dying for the life to come.  Onto the far side of the threshold each carries along that which has been most and best apprehended and cultivated throughout life.  The “carried over” is an entry condition.  As such, it is foundational between bliss and liberation, empowerment of soul in life beyond this life, and trembling, torment and self-torturing victimization.

Theologically here is what is commonly referred to as Heaven and Hell—of divine dispensation and the making of angels, or of demons and infernal monsters.  However, I do not consider the transition from life to life to result in a static, permanent state, but to be dynamic and, indeed, transitional.  Present life, after all, is never truly static, although there is that illusion.  How then, to be an identity preserving continuum in any sense of the integrity of identity, can life after life be fixed in stasis other than also as an illusion?

How each lives as well as how a person prepares in the process of, (how shall I name it?) bundling-origami—unfolding, changing, infolding-enfolding, changing, unfolding—is the initiating determinate in moving through the phases of character as destiny.  Each and all, except in the numerous instances of forced premature death, we go to what we have passionately become out of circumstances and choices; out of acquiescence, resistance, ingestion, rejection and metamorphosis.  This is not only out of what a person has done but what has been denied, and why: not only by what is revealed, but by what is hidden as well, and what the secret of this hidden realm of identity is.  There are stations along the pilgrimage where what was hidden emerges out of the hidden state as treasure, or else as shackle.

At the onset I have quoted a line from Plato’s Symposium, “…time should come in, which seems to test everything well…”  This too I apply as argument in favor of peaceful, if not serene, and compassionate preparation for the inevitability of death.  Human childhood is of remarkable duration and can be viewed as a slow learning in understanding and the responsibilities of adulthood.  Even as childhood is a duration for life in the world, so too bundling the skein for departing this earthly life may well, deep in the cosmic bio-economy, be of equal, or even greater, potency and value.

True, the dimensions of a vital sphere of interactive belief is much diminished in the world of contemporary humanity.  In Western societies we have largely alienated ourselves and depopulated reality of spiritual presences, as nature guardians, personated powers and ancestors.  Other cultures struggle to maintain traditional differences and there are personal and collective commitments to revive tribal, shamanic and nature connectivity, intending to re-personate the Gaia-sphere and counter the man-alone syndrome and individual isolation.  For those pioneering and pathfinding ways back to a future of soulful infusion, reverence and communion, this may mean as well that death is recycling.  Recycling on the level of metamorphic material and recycling on levels of energy, awareness, Self-recognition, and spiritual evolution.

Intuition and spontaneous, penetrating, depth-opening experience; experiencing episodes of soul; has revealed to me that active imagination as soul’s innate power of artistry; drawing resource out of the bundled skein of accumulation and departure-preparation; opens soul beyond the grave to creative liberation, or failing this awakening erects barriers of imprisonment and suffering until purgation wears out delusional fear and disappointment, and releases, in order to awaken and begin again.

For this reason, along with others, it is important to move softly in nearness to the dying, and to offer to a loved one’s departing simple prayers of tenderness and the comforting of presence, of being there, of being beside and with, to bid bon voyage.

Such may well be the final thread from our current world to another, adding a traceable love-line to the bundled skein of the one passing—adding betterment to their continuing journey and betterment also to the abiding of those of us who remain in this here and now.  Greif is not denied in this.  Grief is a necessity in the healing process.  But there is a vision, that awakens with those who persevere, to see clearly what extends beyond the tempest times and clouds of tears.

With mystical acumen, Rumi expressed this enduring truth when writing: “Death has nothing to do with going away… Death is a coming together.”  Bundling the skein at dying is paramount and monumental.

Figuratively, over which bridge does the passage take place: that spanning one of the countless waterfalls of light, or one of those forever crumbling and spilling the dark blood of souls into sand-tars of rage and confusion?  Into what, and to whom, is passage made and what are the conditions upon arrival?  Individuated, we carry our Self.  And life outlives death.


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