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Environment, bugs and paranoid Trumpism
by Thanos Kalamidas
2017-06-05 11:37:03
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June 5th is the World Environment Day and is celebrated from all the countries all around the world. Including USA… question mark. Or should I say from Trump’s USA, to separate it from the “other” USA?

Few days ago, co-President Trump with a lot of help from President Steve Bannon pulled USA out of the Paris agreement for the UN Climate Change. A global agreement that included every country on earth minor Syria and Nicaragua, and proving that everybody was determine to do something to save the earth from a man-made disaster that would destroy the future of our kids and their kids to come.

envi01However, Paris agreement was a result of a compromise in front the urgency for a united Earth. Having participated in most of the meeting that led to the agreement I had disagreed with the final draft per se, seeing as a retreat from the original agreement to save the earth from the man-made climate change, the Kyoto Protocol. And ironically – as I wrote back then – this happened because of USA and the then satellites in the disagreement, Australia and Japan. The Paris agreement was the result of hard negotiations that had lasted for over three years and caused from the American administration with the argument that the demands of the Kyoto agreement seriously damaged US economic interests. And in front of a failure the rest of the world agreed. It is very simple to verify by just checking on what was agreed in Kyoto back in 1997 and compare it with what was signed in 2015 in Paris.

The Obama administration agreed on the new agreement not only because it was “better” for the American economic interests but because they fully understood the main argument, the climate changes, this is bad for all of us and all of us have to do something about it since the actions of the one have consequences to all. And that was it. Actually, this is the answer to one of co-President Trump’s arguments. There is no further negotiation, the further negotiation has been done and it is over. This further negotiation was done in Paris and at least for me it was an embarrassing compromise to American economic interests. Period. This is something all world dealers tried to remind co-president Trump – leading the German chancellor Merkel who played major role in that negotiation – in vein. Donald Trump didn’t just ignored the arguments, he dismissed them.

But what were president Bannon’s arguments when co-president Trump announced the big news for an American withdrew from a major global environmental agreement? Not a word about the environment.

I have often difficulties to understand Trump and Bannon’s arguments about nearly everything since they lack common logic and facts but this last one went really over me. So let’s try summarize the argument.

USA withdraws from the Paris argument because the European energy producing countries feel minor in energy producing since USA has more modern and better factories so they use the environment agreement to stop American industry from producing energy especially energy made from coal. On top of that China trying to compete with USA energy industry didn’t do anything about the Kyoto agreement all these years. And all this “unfair” competition has led to coal-miners unemployment.

Sorry but there is absolutely no logic to all that apart from the fact that a paranoid schizophrenic leader under the spell of a paranoid hitlerian caricature tries to establish a dictatorship investing in fear and on the way to succeed their “big world domination dream” they are not only destroy alliances and friendships but they actually turn friends and allies into enemies. Still not a world about the environment.

However and there comes the surprise, the people who voted and supported Trump (to get president Bannon), not only in USA but internationally agree with him and they support his act. The big question now is, how the hell this happened?

I think, and this is a personal opinion, that we got lost in the translation and please let me explain myself with an example.

All experts and most of the people who care and follow what’s happening with the environment in general and the climate change felt distracted with the news that nearly 45 kinds of bugs have disappeared for ever due to the climate change. The number 45 is the not the real number, just an example that serves my argument.

When the scientists announced the news first of all most of the media didn’t thought of it a serious thing to give space especially since Ms Kardashian was in depression again and her sister had another nude photo-shooting and secondary most of the people’s reaction – if they heard it - was …so what? So what if 45 kinds of cockroaches disappeared from earth, make more to disappear. Bugs are evil and nobody knows why they are here. We kill them. We literally hunt them in our houses and bring exterminators to kill them, why should we care if 45 of them vanished.

And in this example hides all the problem, at least for me. They took as graded that people understand. That people know. We think that the people of the 21st century with all the advantages in education and information know. So they do understand, even superficially, the damage for the earth with the disappearance of 45 kinds of bugs. Truth said? They don’t have a clue.

And then president Bannon comes with his puppet, co-president Trump comes, and after feeding all kinds of superiority complexes and paranoia, he says to them, look this is another trick in a war they all have declared against us and for now is just economic, aiming our destruction. Since they cannot beat us with guns and bombs, they are doing it with …unemployment and stealing your money.

Then the scientists and the environmentalists say: look, we are doing everything for our and your kids and grandkids. And the Bannon gung answers, if I don’t have work I don’t have grandkids, so who cares.

And unfortunately this twisted message gets worst since you tell people that climate change is getting worst day after day, that the water level increases half a centimetre a year and the Bannonian looks at his surf in some Californian beach and says ‘Wow, cool.’ Furthermore and this is an answer we heard from presidential lips, last year we had the coldest winter the last fifty years, how does that works with your global heating? And then on top of that we are telling him: we are doing it for your grandkids you might not have yet.

Dear worrying for the environment friends, dear aware for environment friends, dear scientists and academics, activists and NGO we have to change the message. We’ve been too long lost in translation and taking for granted that people know or understand. They don’t. We have to go to the grassroots and explain everything again. And we have to do that fast and yesterday because Trumpism sees our worries as bugs and they want to destroy us.

And today is a good day to start.

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