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The King of Hypocrisies and Greedy Dis-eases
by Leah Sellers
2017-06-06 08:01:54
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Thump !  Thump !  Thumpty !  Harrumphty !  I am the prominent Dominant !  I am the pin-headed, green-backed King of Jungle through which I trip, thrash and blingle, bangle Bungle !
The Nation - the World will bow before my vain glory and Reality Altering propagandized Might, because Might is Right (especially when it is propagandized to be so) !  
I am the Ugly Capitalizing Profit Making Capitalist’s Poster Man-Boy !  Ponder upon me and wonder about me with bone shivering Fright or UnEducated Delight !
trmemem01_400No Climate Change Deals will be made Real on my Tree Swinging-Swinger’s Watch !  America is pulling away and possibly all of the way out !  Listen to me Thump and Pout !  It’s my way or the highway !  That’s what this Autocratic CEO silver-spooned and backed Chest Thumper is all about !
I am at Dis-cord with past Alliances and Accords !  Profit is my one and only Aim !  
Let the Planet Earth choke herself out with toxins and sputter out of the Cosmic skies !  Just let it happen after me and mine die or finally figure out how to launch out to, and leech onto, another Garden of Eden Orb that Our Kind of Humankind can suck dry and leave behind for Profit !  We’ll become the progeny for other fine flying and blood-slurping, Planetary Corpse Making Cosmic Fleas, hopping from Planet to Planet destroying them with Profit-Making ease !
If it doesn’t make Money - Ching !  Ching ! - and cover me with the Perception of vacuously Profound Power and Mighty-Might, then it’s not worth the Fight !  Thump !  Thump !  Thumpty !  Harrumphty !
NATO, and all of our Allies, this Chest Thumping Thumper will push your members around, squeeze your hands purple, and almost crush your bones with my Power and Dominance Hand-shakes pushing and pulling you out of your chairs and across the rooms, as people snigger and stare, listening with my Deaf Ear and espousing my Deaf Tones to your Needs and Costly Causes of Peace and Planetary Protections and Harmonizing Harmonies !  Thump !  Thump !  Thumpty !  Harrumphty !
And Kathy Griffin !  You think you’re Funny holding my bloody, de-capitated Head up in effigy for all the Nation and World to see ?  Well, what about my young son ?!  
Right after the Fake News spouted out about the murders and maiming in Portland, Oregon at the hands of a White Supremacist Fear-based Hater who harangued and attacked two Muslim Women on a train.  Every-Day, Brave Men, standing up for the attacked Women, those Brave American Men and their Beliefs in what Should Be Right and True in Human Behaviors, were maimed and or died at the end of a Knife and blood-stained Hands of a Fear-based, Hate-filled Monger and Stranger.
A Fear and Hate Monger-Stranger made more agitatedly and violently Acting-Out and Real by my Ripple Effect Appeal to the Underbelly and Door and Life-slamming Base Ideals (toward The Many, that is) that got me elected by the Electoral College and 40% of this Country in the first place.  A part of my Adoring Racist, Misogynist, Classist, Religiously Wanna-be or Already Profit-Making-Profit-Makers regulating (through de-regulation) Profiting from The Many (because The Many don’t really comprehend what My Kind is doing to them) Base !
After that Fake News Ordeal (which is really Real), my Son saw you, Comedian Kathy Griffin holding my bloodied Dead Head up for the Nation and World to see in dark humor effigy !  This cannot and will not Be !  It does not fit into my script for Reality T.V. and all of the rest of Thee !  Thump !  Thump !  Thumpty !  Harrumphty !
I am the Chest Thumping and Harrumphing Commander-in-Chief !  I write and control the Scripts for my Nation and World Reality T.V. Show !  And I want my ratings to grow, and Everyone following and Living-out my Chaotic and Nightmarish Show, don’t you know, don’t you know ?!
This is My, and my National and Global cohorts and cronies,  Global Democracy unraveling and institutionally destroying Greed Machine Regime !  And I will not let a Joker poke at it or try and make it lose steam !  This is my American nightmarish Dream !  
COVFEFE, I Tweet on you and at you, Kathy Griffin !  And on all those like you !  
I am the CEO of Chaos and the Rising Dark Age of Absurdities !  Hallowed be the Golden Calf’s Name !  Gluttonous Power has that and many Other Names, and you and your kind will bow to them all - but me and mine First !  Thump !  Thump !  Thumpty !  Harrumphty !
Welcome to my  Human-eat-Human Zoo of  Fear-based and Hate-filled, Zero-Problem Solving, but Problem-Making and Exacerbating Racism, Tribalism, Misogyny, Subversion, Coversion, Sexism, Classism, and every Other Fear-based and Hate-filled ‘isms’ and ’versions’ the Trumpian-Bannonite Greedy National and Global Hypocrisy spewing, Dis-easing Machine and Regime will spit up on you (and Others like you) as Me and Mine Profit-Makingly chew on you (and Others like you) and Feed you to the manipulated Masses to digest and evacuate !  Thump !  Thump !  Thumpty !  Harrumphty !  
Don’t mess with this Chest Thumping, Ally and Friend shoving and hand crushing Harrumphing Trumpty !
How dare Kathy Griffin be so craven and crass !  Just let me Grab Her Kitty Cat and Pinch her Hiney !  I won’t put up with her Sass !  I will Grab and Pinch and Feed her Kitty Cat Sass and her to the Fake News and propagandized broken and twisted Right-winged Air-Jockeys, Computerland Hacks, and My Reality T.V News views !  And Feed it all to the manipulated Masses !  And all for my Son !  Thump !  Thump !  Thumpty !  Harrumphty !
If me and my cronies and cohorts want to Make Money with Endless Wars here and there and Everywhere, and perputually perpetuated Destructive Decisions and Choices about Humanity and the Earth, We will, because I, and They, have the Power, and so I, and They, Can !  So, stop whining and get with The Plan !  Thump !  Thumpty !
Yes, I am a short-sighted, irascible, totally Selfish, and for the most part Amoral and UnEthical, Self-Serving lout !  That’s what I’m all about !  Me !  Me !  Me !  The lime-light must always be on Me, don’t you see !  And if you don’t, then I , Chest Thumping and always Harrumphing, Trumpty, will Thump and Harrumph you out !  That’s what I am all about !  
Dominance is Winning and Winning is Dominance !  That’s the Golden Rule of Elitist Rulers and we spread this propaganda and the many active, and not yet activated, threats within our Doctrine worldwide !  Hallowed be our Profit Making, Shaking and Breaking (The Many, that is), and Societal and Survival Balancing Seeking Democracy-smashing Name !  Thump !  Thump !  Thumpty !  Harrumphty !
My Thumping and Harrumphing tantrums and bluster musters and holds up my House of Lies and Distracting Deceptions.  My House of fear-based and hate-based Profit Making CEO Autocratic Horrors !
I do not Care that I am diminishing and debilitating America’s Credibility in the areas of Human Rights, Common Decency and Democracy Nationwide and Worldwide, because they do not matter to Chest Thumping and Harrumphing Mighty Me !
Sure, I am furthering Russia’s (and Others) Western and Democracy dis-mantling and unraveling Causes and Actions by Re-fusing the Re-Affirming and Con-firming of the ’All for One and One for All’ Article 5 America agreed to in the past with her common-ground Global Friends and Allies, while greeting and meeting, and shoving and hand crushing with them in Europe !  I do not Care !  
Put Money in my Pockets is my Credo, above all else ! All other pinky-promises, treaties, friendships, alliances and Shares are Transactionally Negotiable !  That’s the CEO Autocratic World over which I hold Dominance and Win within !  Nothing is Solid or Stable !  In an instant years of blood-stained and strained history can be made Dust in the Wind !
I am the Champion of all Capitalizing Capitalists Profit consuming and ever hungry, roiling, burning and churning Underbelly !  My Greedy Need for Profit above all else is what motivates my push and shove for De-regulating and De-legitimizing all Regulations or other Protections for Societies as a Whole !
I don’t care about Curing the Ills of Society.  I Care about Profiting off of them !
I don’t care about Problem-Solving unless it is solving whatever keeps the flow of Profit out of my pockets and coffers !  This is my World View !  This is my Reality, and because I Dominate you, it’s the same World View and Reality for all of you !  Thump !  Thump !  Thumpty !  Harrumphty !
So, chastise me all you want !  I will Tweet out a Tweet Storm to set my swirling hurt feelings and impulsive physiology and mind at ease !  So, do as you please, as I continue to do as I, and my cohorts and cronies, will continue to do with all of you, as we please, by spreading our Life-choking Hypocrisies and other forms of War Room Strategies and Chaos and Poverty inducing Dis-eases !
All I, and We Profit Makers, are interested in is Profit !  And all of you Consuming what we allow and give to you to Consume !
And what Profits Me is all I See, and Thump to and Thump about !  So, all of the blood-stained and strained historical gains that the West and Democracies have made, I am at War with you !  Chaos is my Name !  I am the Bringer of the Greedy Dark Age of Un-Enlightened and Dis-Enlightening Absurdities !  
Welcome to my Hypocrisies, to my Societally and Institutionally Dis-easing Dis-eases !  May they consummately Profit, Proliferate and Dominate !  
Thump !  Thump !  Thumpty !  Harrumphty !


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You can download it for FREE HERE!


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John Trent2017-06-06 14:10:31
Well I think he is doing a fine good job with his Travel Bans, his attempts to protect Americans in the wake of recent terrorist attacks. He has proven himself to be pragmatic, sensible, and wise!

John Trent2017-06-08 13:44:39
It is funny that you keep publishing everything that is anti-trump but when someone wants to say something in favor of trump's policies, you completely ignore those comments. Stop demonizing Trump! Many people like him. He was elected as President of U.S. He has a tough stance on immigration and globalization. You liberals or hippie communists should deal with it!

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