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Short Philosophical Thoughts
by G. David Schwartz
2017-06-06 08:01:33
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1. Moliere sings a very short song to Thomas DeQuincy

We were sitting on a bench at the park and saw a large   bird fly out of sight. I stated chuckling because I could still see it with my blue eye, my good eye. So I just put in a thought to think and that thought became a bird to fly. Imagine that? A bird to fly? Oh well, Molaire had a bad thought when the thinked that Thomas DeQuincy was Thomas Aquinas. But everything became haze but better off when the confusion was lifted and everyone began singing short rhyme songs and lost music into poetry. The very short song came in two real versions and several fake versions. All of them are written in the sing book of the angels but I have not seen that book for quite a long time. I have either heard or confused the act or the apostles with the under side of an Oldsmobile. I had an Oldsmobile long ago but traded it into a tall oak tree for a con-veritable. That made me forget how to sing and I just didn’t remember any words so I made up poems rhyming to the name of DeQu incy.

2. As If Emily Dickerson Were Confused With Emil Fackenheim

though01_400If Emily Dickerson, a long relation to Angie, were to be confused with Emil Fackenenheim (a beautiful actress verse a deep philosophical author, not relayed closely to the author upon are currently reading, for he was and still is an existentialist only because he is able to spell this. ‘

Confusion is not that which is expressive to misunderstanding, be it the work of George Hegel, or my (dear sweet) mother in law, note where my wife has inserted incantations (misspelling for insertions.)

Thus I trust you see that Emily is not related philosophically or biologically to Emil (a name frequently confused with email Fackenheim

3. Michel de Montaigne sells a Buick

Michel de Montaigne is best known these days for being deceased. Its not he fault, he didn’t want it, but that is just how life is. Michel de Montaigne who during his entire lives was referred to as Michel de Montaigne, which is not his fault either.  I do not have at my hands, I am not at my computer, but Michel de Montaigne never knew what a Buick was so he did not have an opportunity to sell them.

I trust the reader; you with your eyes falling on the numerous mentions of Michel de Montaigne appreciate the truth told in this tiny essay.

If I had time I would go around and count how many true statements are composed in these so many also uncounted words.  But as you are holding the essay in your hand, feel free to count. You may use your fingers if you wish.

And if you wish you can simple make an educated guess. 

Later you may read my essay “The difference between and educated guess, and an uneducated guess.

4. Nietzsche was my favorite philosopher when I was in college.  This was in the seventies and eighties and nineties so I had plenty of time to study.  So I studied Nietzsche.

Over the years I have read every article of writing done by Nietzsche.  Twice and Three times in fact, very rarely four, but I still own the books, and I am as yet trying to decipher a few thoughts again and again (get it?) and I have finally (although there is no real finality in Nietzsche’s thinking (it goes on over and over and over eternally returning)

Thus you can see why I will never finish reading Nietzsche or for that fact anyone else. 

5. Jim Morrison and Halle Berry On My Mind and In My Thoughts

This shows that mind and thoughts are different. 

And if there was anything else to say I wound have said it.

I’m just sitter here sitting to the Doors and thinking of my next wife

6. When Bob Dylan Made a Bad Song (Fiction), dedicated to Jerry Piates

This essay will be written if and when and if it happens.

7. Elie Wiesel makes His Way To A Tennis Match Being Played by Adolph Hitler and Barbara Streisand

Some authors, and I am one  -- one author, and one author I am talking about, are not ashamed to say something, which may offend others.  Thus the name of an evil being is placed in the title (and I am not talking about Elie Wiesel or Barbara Streisand.  But I will not curse here again.

So Elie Wiesel went to a tennis match where at Barbara Streisand totally dominated.

If you have read my books you will get my point. If you have not, but you should, you will understand what I am saying.

Thus said.

8. I Got In Trouble Because Of Martin Buber

People ought not be made fun of, especially for the name they were given.  Some names may sound like some rude or obnoxious word.  No word ought be used to cause pain. That is what bumblebees are for. If you are wise, you will see what I am saying. If you are very wise, almost a prophet, you will see what I am speaking even if we are not in the same city.  I know this because I am not in the same city than ninety nine point ninety nine percent of the people I am acquainted with and that is less than nine, point nine point nine percent of something I once knew but am currently out of memory with.

9. Michel de Montaigne sells a Buick

Michel de Montaigne

Not a relation to me

Sold cars here on earth

Not on Mars.

10. Borges

Borges work was ranchos

that is to say, delicious

It was made to

and it sure did go

to make you think

as my high school gym teacher always yelled at all us guys. "Think!"

Well since high school I have done little exercise but much thought

11 Delmore

I like to read more

Of from Delmore

He was a decent Schwartz

They’re been a few who where worse

12. Ogden Nash

Ogden Nash

Wrote no trash

Once said “Talcum’s always welcome

David Schwartz

In inferior verse

Said “Sneezin’s just as pleasin’

13. Molaire sings a very short song to Thomas DeQuincy 

I never read Moline. I have read some of Thomas DeQuincy so I will not offend the reader by putting and innocence in here. Instead I will just tell you want I over heard my wife telling someone over the phone. But first you must know that my wife gives very much or her time and her money. But what she said ought not make her seem cheap, for she is not. All she said was, “I give to a very good cause. I feed my family. She cooks, cleans, and washes – cloths, dishes, herself – and volunteers at several necessary jobs, she is a good person, and I am happy and proud I am still with her.

She is amazing, and amazingly kind to everyone. I swear I don’t understand how she does it.

14 My Mother Liked Alan Sherman

But she has never read my award winning poem. So here it is for you;

I was laughing like monkey

And I sing like a fool

There is noting I can say

15 Kurt Vonnegut Got In And Out Of A Rut

 Kurt Vonnegut got in and out of a rut.

This tells you a sorting or two about Mr.  Vonnegut

First, he was an expert at getting into things.

And three minus one, he was good at getting out.

Anything weasel you want to know, read: The Circle Of Abracadabra: Stains Of Understanding.

16. Nietzsche (To Be Read Eternally, And Eternally, And  Eternally)

Nietzsche was my favorite philosopher when I was in college.  This was in the seventies and eighties and nineties so I had plenty of time to study.  So I studied Nietzsche.

Over the years I have read every article of writing done by Nietzsche.  Twice and Three times in fact, very rarely four, but I still own the books, and I am as yet trying to decipher a few thoughts again and again (get it?) and I have finally (although there is no real finality in

Nietzsche’s thinking (it goes on over and over and over eternally returning)

Thus you can see why I will never finish reading Nietzsche or for that fact anyone else. 

17. What Would Happen If Richard Rubinstein Changed His Name To Martin Buber.

Names get changed when people think a name is the main thing about a person. There was a shard which said something like a "good name is a way to survive" If I thought this was literally do I would change my name from "Beloved Black Warrior" to something like Bill.

There now that I have falsely done you may cognicize that noting will happen now that that was happening. And noting will in and with regard to name changes.

So the answer to our question? Who knows besides my wife who actually knows everything, and who cares, beside me who wants to know every insignificant thing?

18.  The Difference Between An Educated Guess and An Uneducated Guess (An Essay Not Writ By Rudyard Kipling  

An educated guess is actually the best.

it is so not so that stupidity gives health or rest.

Thus so, is now time to go

On to anchor thirst before it become forgot

19. The Circle Of Abracadabra: Stains Of Understanding

Circles, like the  circle of love are and walkways will be (as they are or will be becoming) deep thoughts which because it awakes in the set of  seams in the stream  of Eternal Recurrence.

That which is has always been and will always be but in a difference mind set. and different set of minds.

Oh, don't mine me, but in a second or third or elongate infinite time you will mind me, thought and this is what is annoying, you will not remember.

This said, as said before and before and before and after by you and me and Uncle Jonathan, in some recurrence, I simply here say as ago and ago, and ago that life is like a typo. as ago and ago and agony… 

Thus here says I. but you know you will say this in the future. So will your aunt Hildregrad 

2O Jorge Francisco Isidoro Luis Borges and Victor Borge (or the difference a tiny "s" can make.)

My wife is a great piano player, I play tennis and chess (not at the same time, usually) 

My wife is also a decent reader. I realized this when she read my college thesis over and other until she found a mistake.

Ok truth she found many, and I do appreciate her hard work.

Now that I have got that out of my system I wish to say, after thinking, that a simple single  s is that which doodle do's the best.

As for how I am, I G David "S"chwatz am, has been and hope to continue tot me 'Ssssss'd" up with my loving (me) wife.     

Thus so, its time to go. But travel light beneath the snow.

24. Opened Only With Closed Eyes         

1. If you have no money but have a loving family, you are wealthy indeed.

2. Questions ARE the revolution.

3. If I see you and I then blink it is not a fact that I saw you twice.

4. Where does the distance end? Let me ask again: Where does the beginning


5. Out of the meaning there comes some greening.

6. Here how the untold story is told and roll around locking for new glory.

7. My grandfather was my families personal Will Rodgers so I always took what he said to heart.

8. When I was a mere child, my grandfather, literally one of the nicest people you could meet, frequently said, on many occasions when it didn't really  see to fit, "Nice guys finish last."

9. Mean guys simply don't finish; they are always seeking something else not to get done but just to do. They are basically mean because they are not satisfied.

10. Oy is a word.  It is not a bird. A very small word perhaps but one which can therefore be said vey quickly. It means, in            one respect but is much faster, and I would say less sacrilegious than the three word, three  times long to say                          phase "Oh my God."

11. Thoughts throw up because believed to be important, perhaps however not necessary, and if so need not be remembered.

12. Things cannot be resolved in a contradiction, but only because it has too much wisdom.

13. Jump up and down with real experience,and therewith and therefor and there-five, find the acquisition between parable and metaphor.

14. In prior analytic analyses begins with nothing but suggestion.             

15 Reflect upon experience as well as non-experiential gestations with in this way you just may be enlarged to get to say: Contradiction is mere experience mis or un understood, and also, both the whole hole and a fragment of the fragmentary tends to state the truths as well as not so truths.

16. Why should I write a funny resume when I need to get a job, I need to do some work to prove I’m not a slob. Here I will ask the man, or the woman too, just where I can I get some work, so I can pay what’s due. I use to clam to be of anarchistic philosophy; but times have changed and rearranged so I think that I must get a job and real, real quick to avoid all the fuss.

17. So here please higher me, I do really need to work; an anarchist’s life is really for the jerks, for people who do not need food. Nor need musical C D’s so give me a job give me a job oh please pretty please.

18. I have graduated college, in fact I went to four, I knew sooner or later I would graduate more. Then I cut grass for a long time, no not in a single yard. I cut grass at several places, that’s what made it hard. 

19 Cut grass at my sisters, cut grass at my moms, I had to go and get a wife so I’d have laws.

20. Then I did get tired, got lazy and got a job, printing at and with a printing press. for my dad and mom.

21. Life is like a large barrel from which you pull out thoughts to read

22. A symbol stands for an item an cause thoughts at the same time.

23. The vast majority of symbols are worn in humanity are warn by time into tattered excuses.

24.  With God all thighs are possible, but highly unlikely for some.

25  Do not think about an elephant

26. No one will remember you until you become on the radio -- news cast.

27. No matter where you stand your left is always on your left

28. A black sheet of paper is either sad to see, or else something to be happily used. 

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