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Apparatus Of The Nation State
by David Sparenberg
2017-06-03 11:26:35
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Men are capable of sacrificing their entire lives to an ideology.  And far too often, sacrificing the lives of others.  What is an ideology?  It is a wall.  It keeps out and it keeps in.  And the wall must be powerful and massive enough to hide behind.
dav01_400_04But what is there to hide from?  To begin with truth—shared vulnerability, clear eyesight, common ground.  And death, the one law without prejudice, looks into the face of everyone—the haves and have-nots, the privileged and the wretched of the Earth.
Women (in majority) are capable to sacrificing their entire lives for their children.  This does not include sacrificing the lives of others.  And seldom do women become blood-bound body and soul to ideology.  Sometimes it happened, but this is seldom and in some culture so rare as to be of little social significance.
But then a day inevitably comes when mothers turn their children over to men committed to an ideology.  And these men transform children into something they are not.
Kids then, especially boys, go forth into the world like a swarm of wasps, inflicting pain and death on others.
Through this function, fathers are made proud of their sons.  Daughters are taught to dream of heroes.  And war profiteers up their profits.
How does the propaganda go?  “Nothing is guaranteed except death and taxes.”  And there, hocus-pocus, is the apparatus of the nation-state.


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