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Wall talk #707 Wall talk #707
by Thanos Kalamidas
2017-06-02 10:29:27
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Emanuel Paparella2017-06-02 15:38:53
At Brussels and Taormina an attempt was made to explain to a recalcitrant Trump a simple principle of logic 101: if you are on the Titanic heading for an iceberg (i.e., the earth heading for disaster because of climate change), then whether you are first or second or third makes no difference; all will sink; the realistic principle should be: put enough life-boat on the ship so that all can be saved in case of a disaster and don't be so arrogant as to think that only God can sink the ship; but alas it was all to no avail; such an elementary principle of logic has gone unheeded. Sticking with logic, that can only mean that we are dealing with a juvenile pre-age of reason, fact-denying mind-set, or a deranged “dumb ass” who somehow has managed to become president of the US, remains a glaring embarrassment to it, and now continues to delude himself that he is the leader of the free democratic world. How did Andersen put it in the "Emperor Clothes’"? The emperor is naked; and his name is Caligula. Welcome to the Caligula Presidency.

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