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The Sea Of Tranquillity
by Nikos Laios
2017-06-02 10:30:08
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The Sea Of Tranquillity

His pride swelled,
Soaring like an eagle
Kissing the sun with
Its wings as the gulls
Dived into the grey swells
And cracking shells;
Rolls of waves washing
Over rusted hulks
On desolate shores.

img_1521_the_yellow_brick_road_400Their pretentious pangs
Creaking and groaning
In the wind flapping,
Swaying like grieving
Widows clad in black
Huddling in clusters
On street corners howling
As their voices rise
Up into the void.

That deep
That stretches to
The edge of eternity
Past the Sea of tranquility,
And the Sargasso Sea
Swallowing us like ants
Washed up along street drains
Under thunderous rains
Slapping window panes.

Oh that sky,
That black eternal
Womb that embraces
Our world and the
Small petty eruptions
Of our race like ephemeral
Electric storms stabbing
At the turbulent ocean.

As the soft
Diffusing light
Scatters through
The grey-black
Gilded clouds;
The whirling white
Foaming eddies
Of the surf swirling,
Trapped in crags
And hollowed rocks
And crooked docks
As the light glistened
In these trapped pools
Like some sad erotic dancers
Waiting for the morning sun
And the coffee run.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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