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Daddy! You Owe Me Over $100,000 Dollars For My Body Slam!
by Leah Sellers
2017-05-29 10:09:41
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“Daddy !  Daddy !”  Billy Bob hollered excitedly as he ran down the wooden hallway to the kitchen.  The young freckled-faced boy was waving his big Golden Piggy Bank in the air.  He stopped in front of his father panting and smiling from ear to ear.
“Daddy, you owe me over $100,000 buckaroos !  You can put it all right here in Mr. Piggy !”
Billy Bob’s Daddy took another sip of his black coffee and said, “And what gives you the idea that your Daddy owes you all of that dough ?”
con01“Because Daddy, I am a Manly-Man of the Big Sky Country, just like Congressman Gianforte.  I Body Slammed Bobby Joe, just like one of those Big Wrestlers we watch on t.v. all of the time, because he had the bodacious audacity to ask me a Question I did not like and did not want to answer !”
“You Body Slammed your Baby Brother ?!  exclaimed Billy Bob’s Daddy.  “Where is Bobby Joe, right now ?”  Billy Bob’s Daddy demanded as he rose from his chair.
“Don’t worry, Daddy, Mommy is taking care of Bobby Joe, and I already apologized to him for beating him up and blooding his nose, ‘cause I made a action and had to own up to it, just the way you taught me to, ‘cause that’s the Montana Way.  That’s the Many-Man Way,”  Billy Bob explained with pride.
Billy Bob’s Daddy paused and looked sternly down at his pride-filled Son.
“Billy Bob, we have talked before about you not believing everything you see on t.v..”
“Yeah, Daddy, but this was on FOX News.  And they always tell the truth just the way you like it.  And we still have Congressman Gianforte’s political sign in our front yard,”  Billy Bob said a little petulantly.
“You and Mommy made a big deal out of voting for him, and supporting everything he Stands for,”  Billy Bob whined defiantly.
Billy Bob’s Daddy decided to take a different tact.  “And why do think that I should pay you over $100,000 dollars for Body Slamming your Baby Brother and giving him a bloody nose ?”
“’Cause that’s what everyone who supports Mr. Gianforte did after they found out that he Body Slammed that annoying and nosey Reporter.  They all got together and paid Mr. Gianforte’s campaign over $100,000 for being a Misdemeanor Assaulter. ’Cause that Liberal Reporter dared to ask him a Question about the Congress’s Budget Rating of the Congress’s Budget. 
“You know, Daddy, the one that the ragin’ red Republicans are tryin’ to cram down  America’s throat, while they take away Healthcare from over 23 million Middle Class and Poor Folks on down the road.”
“ ‘Cause the Republicans are working real hard to get rid of lots of Social Programs that are supposed to help folks all over America so that they can pay for the big tax break the Republicans and President Trump are giving to Rich folks just like Mr. Trump and the Koch Brothers.  I heard you say so with all of your buddies down at the Country Club, Daddy.  And all of you laughed about it.”  Billy Bob said perplexedly.
“So, now Daddy, I am a Misdemeanor Assaulter just like Mr. Gianforte.  Aren’t you proud of me ?!”  Billy Bob asked.  “And I have apologized, just like Mr. Gianforte did.  He didn’t mean it, and neither do I, but it makes me look good, just like Mr. Gianforte.  And that’s what counts, Daddy.  ‘Cause when I grow up I want to a Montana Manly Man !  A Misdemeanor
Assaulter !
“Then I can be a Congressman, a state and national leader, just like Mr. Gianforte, and have lots of folks give me lots of money for beating Liberal folks up for asking Questions I don’t like and don’t want to answer !  Or beat anybody up that I want to for whatever reasons I want to beat them up for.  “Cause that is what Manly-Men do !” 
“And Daddy, if you’re so upset about Bobby Joe’s bloody nose, then I will beat him up another way the next time he makes me mad, ’cause you have also taught me that there are a lot of ways of beating folks up without even laying a finger on them.”
“See Daddy !  I have been listening to you and everyone else on FOX t.v..  And to Mr. Trump at the rallies we went to !  I have been listening to, and watching you all !”  Billy Bob proclaimed.
“So, where’s my money ?”  Billy Bob demanded matter-of-factly, as he shook his Golden Mr. Piggy Bank in his Daddy’s red face.

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