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Trumpian Peach Mint, Anyone?
by Leah Sellers
2017-05-27 12:16:11
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“Well, it has been another interesting week to say the least,”  Senator Smudge said drolly as he and Senator Nudge strolled casually into Senator Grudge’s office for their appointed meeting.
“Bet Trump and his Gang are glad to high-tail it out of D.C. for awhile with all of the leaky leakers leaking juicy tid-bits that add up to possible Collusion with Putin and his Oligarchic Gang and Obstruction of Justice with his Firing of FBI Director Comey, whom he told the Russians was a ‘nut job’, in order to take the heat off of the investigation investigating Trump and his Gang,”  Senator Grudge retorted with jovial nervousness.
capital01_400“It will do the Republican Party no good to have Trump be the first president to wend up in an orange jump suit to match that orange floppy-top of his,”  Senator Grudge added sourly.
“Well, for starters, his floppy-top isn’t so orange now.  He’s toned it down to a silver-gold which is more indicative of the colors of the Royal Crown he wishes the American people and ourselves would place upon his Autocratic noggin,”  Senator Smudge countered.
“Now, gentlemen, he is our president and should be treated with deference,”  Senator Grudge offered.
“I do treat him as though he’s different, because he is, Senator Grudge.  He is the most different kind of president America has had in quite some time.  He is an amoral Transactional Businessman-Playboy with Autocratic CEO proclivities trying to speed learn Basic American Civics, World Histories and Politics while running a Democratic Republic.  And that is one very tall order,” Senator Smudge explained.
“Smudge, when are you going to get a new set of hearing aids, buddy ?  You are still not hearing things correctly, when it’s really important that you do.  Grudge did not say to treat Trump as though he is ‘different’.  He said that we should treat Trump with presidential ‘deference’,” Senator Nudge said irritably.
“Well, that goes without saying, if you ask me, gentlemen,”  Senator Smudge answered quickly trying to conceal his embarrassment.  “But what we should really be focused on, and get the media focused on, are all of these leaky leaks pouring out of the White House and Intelligence Communities within this less than deferential Trumpian-Bannonite presidency.”
“Well, some say it’s the folks that are hearing and seeing things that make them uneasy, and that they consider to be damaging to America’s Constitutional Institutions that are deciding to do what they see as their Patriotic Duty by warning everyone else about what’s happening behind the scenes before it gets too out of hand.  The Whistle-blowers are a-blowing, gentlemen.  And it‘s mussing up ‘ole Trump‘s floppy-top,”
Senator Nudge said tersely.
“It’s the gol’durned Liberals,”  Senator Grudge almost shouted.  “They have been after Trump ever since the Electoral College’s mapped out Numbers Game gave him the presidency over the Popular Vote that Hillary Clinton won.  They’re holding a grudge and trying to ruin Trump’s presidency,”  Senator Grudge continued to shout.
“Ha !  Trump is hampering his presidency quite well all on his own, one Tweetin’ Tweet at a time, Senator,”  Senator Smudge corrected.
“The liberals are absolutely apoplectic over the Big Tax break Trump wants to give to the rich, and the constant attempts of our Republican Party to repeal the Affordable Care Act and give our Medical and Healthcare Systems completely back over to the For Profit only Insurance Companies and their Profit siphoning Corporate cronies and cohorts,”  Senator Grudge said less apoplectically.
“Yes, all of that is true, Senator Grudge, but what has that to do with the leaky leaks leaking from the White House and the Intelligence Community at present,”  Senator Smudge suggested.
“Gol’durned Liberals.  All of our nation’s problems lay at the feet of those no good Do-Gooders !”  Senator Grudge shouted once again.
“Be that as it may, gentlemen, even if things are going badly for Trump and our Republican Party domestically right now, his Base is still backing him up, and as long as they do that, we Republicans will have to back Trump as well,”  Senator Nudge said evenly.
“His trip to Saudi Arabia seems to be going well, despite Canada and Mexico grumblings about his not having visited them first,”  Senator Smudge said abruptly.
“He has signed a Declaration of Strategic Vision with the Saudis,”  Senator Smudge continued.
“What kind of Strategic Vision are they Declaring ?”  Senator Nudge inquired.
“Well, it’s a Transactional Business an Governmental Strategy that is supposed to help them and us,”  Senator Grudge said more calmly.
“I heard that it was a 380 billion dollar Arms Deal.  We give them the War Machines and Technologies they need and the Education needed to make it all work, and the American War Machine Corporations make another bundle, and their Workers get minimum wage jobs making the Killing Machines and Technologies being sent over to the Saudis to fight their proxy war with Yemen, and whatever other Wars they may want to start and fight in the future, with or without our aid or input,”  Senator Nudge proffered.
“But Trump and his minions, and the Saudi leaders are telling everyone that the Transactional War Machine Deal is to make our Saudi and Middle Eastern Allies a more powerful military force and Ally in the Middle East, in order to fight against ISIS and some of the very Terrorists that the Saudis themselves are responsible for creating in order to manipulate certain factions of their own populations whenever they feel they need to.  Heck, the Middle Eastern leaders even use their homemade Extremist, Radicalized Terrorists to terrorize America and the Europeans whenever they feel they need to,”  Senator Nudge said heatedly.
“That’s what’s being Declared ?”  Senator Smudge asked doubtfully.
“That’s what it boils down to,”  Senator Nudge answered firmly.
“Did you see Trump, the very man who proclaimed at every one of his political rallies that the Muslims would be pushed out and kept out of America, and Secretary of State Oilman Tillerson with the Saber on his shoulder, doing that Middle Eastern Tribal Sword Dance in the
palace ?  They were dancing with over 100 Royal Saudis and others in the room, all men and only men, I might add, performing a ceremonial Tribal Warrior’s Dance after signing a 380 billion dollar War Machine Deal.  Now, I call that Trumpian-Bannonite Transactional Fair Trade and Diplomacy, ha ! Ha !”  Senator Grudge bragged.
“Indeed, the Optics are great, and Optics are what Trump and his Gang are all about,”  Senator Nudge interjected.  “Because we all know that Wars make wonderful distractions from Domestic Problems.  Wars draw the National Attentions elsewhere.  Wars pull the Nation together against a Common Enemy elsewhere, so they do not so clearly see their very real problems, and the President and the Congress as the Transactional Enemy,”  Senator Smudge said earnestly.
“And I must admit that I could use a little Constituency heat taken off of me, especially regarding this Healthcare and lack of Good paying Jobs Mess,”  Senator Smudge confessed.
“Gentlemen, follow me, if you will, into an Imaginary World where Trump, and his fellow Sword Dancing Royal Arabians instead of ceremoniously glorifying Sword Play, put down their Swords and picked up Shepherd’s Rods to Dance with,”  Senator Nudge proposed.
“Yes, gentleman, placed Shepherd’s Rods upon their shoulders to ceremoniously glorify and sanctify instead, and Danced with their Realities into fruition,”  Senator Nudge reiterated.  “You laugh, but hear me out.”
“Imagine all World Leaders Choosing to carry and put into Action the legends, mythologies, scriptures, stories, Life Skills and Strategies of The Shepherd and his Rod, tending to and safeguarding his Flock, instead of ceremonially glorifying and sanctifying the blood-thirsty and ever Sword ready Warrior’s Way.”
“Imagine what a different World we’d have and see.  What a different kind of Humanity we would Be !”  Senator Nudge exclaimed delightedly.
“Humanity will never Budge, Senator Nudge, from the excesses, Profit-making, Nation-breaking-and taking-desires and destructive Gluttonies of War.  It will never happen.  Upon that you may depend !”  Senator Smudge sneered.
“Not as long as the World has Leaders within its Global Churches, Temples, Mosques and other dwellings, and in our Global Governmental Halls such as yourself, you mean.  Because, sir, we are what our Minds, Bodies, Hearts and Souls Consume.  We are what we Choose to Feed !  Senator Nudge said defiantly.
And, sir, let us not forget that all Societies create and at times manipulate their very own forms of Extremist, Radicalized Terrorisms based within the Individual, made Societal, Hatreds and Fears that they in return truly and deeply Hate and Fear.  It is a sad and ancient dysfunctional and destructive conundrum, condition and malady of all Global Societies,”  Senator Nudge reminded his companions.
“Gentlemen, gentlemen, please let us remember that men like Trump, and at times even ourselves, deliberately and inadvertently mightily Profit from such Societal Hostilities and Maladies.  None of us has Clean Hands.  And Cultural Maladies such as these create and perpetuate Dis-ease such as these, and more of these, all over the World.  None of us is wholly Innocent.  We and all of Humanity are in one way or another a Participant within this Loopy, Cyclical Global Tragedy,”  Senator Smudge relayed.
“Agreed, Senator Smudge, but these are Behaviors that Need to be Faced, Analyzed and Transformed Beneficially through Diplomacy and Bridge Building.  Not Celebratory Sword Dances over Billion Dollar murderous and destruction-laden War Machine Deals or threatening Nuclear Countdowns and Holocausts !”  Senator Nudge added poignantly.
Senator Grudge, cleared his throat and said, “Gentlemen, gentlemen, such conversations are absurd at best….”
“Perhaps, to you and those like you, who refuse to budge and change, Senator Grudge, but it is your self aggrandizing brutal and punishing Attitudes and Actions that have led us to this Age of Absurdities of violent volatilities and uncertainties that you are determined to see never change, and never end,”  Senator Nudge said accusingly.  “Is this really the World Reality you want to continue to help create and perpetuate, sir ?”
“You are wrong, Senator Grudge, Reality is what we Choose to make It and all of the Ripple Effects that vibrationally radiate from It .  The Choices of Realities Made are all of Ours.  Give things and Nudge, and they will eventually Budge is my family’s motto.  And for good reasoning, sir,”  Senator Nudge said matter-of-factly.
“I do declare, gentlemen.  At times you make me want to run for the hills in despair and dismay, but I will stand my ground and strive to turn this conversation back around to our original topic at hand,”  Senator Smudge said impatiently.
“Please, let us return to our discussion of Trump and his cronies visitation to other lands using Profit-making Arms Deals as his primary Diplomatic Plan,”  Senator Smudge added.
“All of this taking place as Iran’s people who are seeking Cultural and Political Moderation and Freedoms, and further contact with the outside World vote the moderate Rouhani back into office as their leader,”  Senator Nudge said, “  When we all know that Trump and his Gang are hard-liners against Iran and the Nuclear Deal, because the Saudi Sunni, Israelis and others oppose it.  What a mess.”
“And please, gentlemen, let us not forget, amidst all of this distraction and confusion, the obstructions and collusions and money-bloodied trails which we all in Good Public Service Conscience must eventually face and curtail,”  Senator Nudge reminded his cronies emphatically.
“Gentlemen, this Senator continues to see the Sword Dance Trump and Tillerson participated in, and what that Optic says to World,”  Senator Nudge continued.  “And simply because Trump and his cronies are Choosing to remain enthralled and beholden to the Profit siphoning Fossil Fuel Empires instead of going with more Globally Beneficial Green Energies.”
“We Chose to involve ourselves in the Oil Wars many years ago to protect and enrich American Corporate interests, which are, for the most part, now no longer quite so loyal to America in some ways,”  Senator Nudge said with sad reluctance.
“And just as the Middle Eastern Leaders manipulate their populations with their own homegrown Extremist, Radicalized Terrorists, they manipulate the Terrorists to manipulate our American and Allied populations as well.  Terrorism has itself become a loaded weapon to be pointed and aimed, and the trigger pulled, when and where they Choose at will.  And we have done the same in this Power Wars Game we all Choose to make a Reality and Play day-in-and-night-out.  We cannot disclaim it,” Senator Nudge sighed.
“But some of those Extremist, Radicalized Terrorists have gone Rogue, and are much more difficult to manipulate and extricate nowadays,”  Senator Smudge admitted.
“Well sir, what did you expect, because the Societal Maladies creating Individual maladies really do exist, and are being exacerbated by many of the Global Political and Economic decisions being made and unmade that created the Extremism, Radicalization and Terroristic tendencies taken advantage of by some Ruling factions Globally to begin with,”  Senator Nudge said exasperatedly.
“Gentlemen, might this Senator make a more light-hearted suggestion ?”  Senator Nudge requested.
“Of course, Senator Nudge,”  said Senator Smudge smugly.
“Of course, Senator Nudge,”  said Senator Grudge begrudgingly.
“Have you ever tasted a Peach Mint, gentlemen ?”  Senator Nudge asked with a smile.  “First, you just Open your Mouth.  And then you Pop In-Peach-Mint !  In-Peach-Mint !  Now swallow and digest that for awhile, gentlemen !


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