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Wake Up, Sleepy Heads!
by Leah Sellers
2017-05-24 10:24:03
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“Wake up, Sleepy Head !  Come on, Come on, get outta’ bed !  We’ve got things to do or so I’m I’m told, so it’s said !”  announced Public Servant #1
Stretching and yawning, the ruffled Public Servant # 2 answered, “why awaken me from my happy slumber just to present me with a World much encumbered ?  Come on, are you friend or foe ?  Although, I don’t know why I ask, because in today’s world it is indeed hard to know ?”
trum01_400_03“And who is it you’re disappointed in today, my friend ?”  Public Servant # 1 asked lightly.
“Perhaps, you really meant to ask me how many do I know right here and now, in this very present moment in time, how to perceive ?”  Public #2 retorted with a husky chuff.
“Ha !  Well, there always is that point of view to choose, win or lose,”  Public Servant # 1 dourly quipped.
“So, are you telling me that you prefer living a World where Ambitious personal Dreamscapes can become National and World Reality T.V. Nightmares ?”
“No, I do not.  But some Dragons are better left to their own devices.  After all we do live within the Land of the Free and the Brave.” Public # 2 answered tiredly, and with another wide yawn.
“Although, what’s Brave about quietly accepting what you know in your very Soul is wrong for The Many, Nationally and Globally, no matter how much it pleases and Serves the ravenously Power and Money Siphoning Elitist Few ?”
“The Elitist Few are in the midst of Legalizing their expanded thefts from The Many.  Just ask Goldman Sachs’ Steve Menuschen as he is busily re-creating the Glass Stiegel (and Dodd Frank) Laws which protect The Many from such a thing happening.  Elizabeth Warren is one of The Many’s Champions in the Banking and Political World.  But she is greatly outnumbered and constantly sabotaged.”
“Of course, there is always the Noble Bernie Sanders, the Land of Zion Lion, roaring in the streets about what is to come in opposition of what Can Be, if The Many will only Wake Up and Seize the Day.  Because, he too, knows that the World’s Democracies are Watching and Worrying over what‘s going on with Everyone‘s Shining City on the Hill.”
“And in the meantime, just look at Vice President Pence, a punishing zealot, Nice-Guy who feels he must constantly Lie and repeat the Trumpian-Bannonite Lies to keep his foot in the Door of Power.  To perhaps one fine day finally get to King Donald’s Deaf and very Tin Ear ?”
“And what about Rosenstein, who chose to behave as a Lowenstein when he wrote that letter for Trump (Bannon and the Trumpian Nepostic, Monarchical Branding and Usurping Team) that fired the now Ex-FBI Director James Comey for supposedly being a mistakenly mean Bad Boy toward Madame Hillary ?  What guff !”  Public Servant # 2 spat out in heart rending disgust.
“And now, America has all of these Special Gatherings and assigned people, like the Honorable and Facts-just-the-Facts, ex-FBI Director, before Comey, Mr. Mueller, investigating all of the Trumpian-Bannonite Regime’s financial and political goings-ons’, and many of their cohorts and cronies here, in America, and abroad.  It’s all so overwhelming and confusing, and it has deliberately been made to be so by the very people being investigated !”  Public Servant #2 sorrowfully continued.
Public Servant # 1 studied his troubled old Public Servant Friend.  “You know, I met a young lady the other day, who claimed that she wanted to become a Doctor of Anesthesia.  She said that she had worked as a Vet Tech, and had discovered that she had a real talent for Putting Things to Sleep.”
“The moment the young lady said it, an odd feeling swept over me. I found myself asking myself what kind of person would really enjoy Putting Others to Sleep, be it Dog or Human,”  Public Servant # 1 mused.
“Ha !  That’s what Trump and his cohorts and cronies who also know how to manipulate and use and abuse the Reality World T.V., Radio and Computerland airwaves to create a whole Nation and World of Sleepy Heads.  Dead Heads to Slavishly bend to twist to their Darker Needs !”  Public Servant # 2 interjected.
Interrupting, Public Servant # 1 calmly continued, “Before I got into this Business, I was another kind of Public Servant.  I was a Teacher.  And as a Teacher I felt with all of my Heart and Soul that my Vocation was to Wake Sleepy Heads, drifting in the Foggy Scapes of Sombulent Land, Up !”
“So, Wake Up, Wake Up, you Sleepy Heads !”
“Rise and Shine, my friend !  There is oh so much Work yet to be Done and to Do !”


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