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Leaky Leakers and Lies !
by Leah Sellers
2017-05-22 09:51:47
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Laf-rov and Vas-leaky are seasoned Russian Chess Pieces and Players with an Open-Door access to the Leaky, Leaker-in-Chief’s Oval Office.  A White House now virulently filled with Leaky Leakers and Lies !
Secrets and Lies and Leading Loose Lips carelessly endangering precious Lives !  While Laf-rov, Vas-leaky and Trump-ty joke and jive !  Ha !  Ha !  Ha !
leaks01They love to meet-and-greet and joke and poke fun at America’s discomfort and Heart Burn over the Rape being done to her challenged Constitutional Democracy and cherished Lady Liberty !  Ha !  Ha !  Ha !
And Bannon, though quiet, is still a loose cannon in certain ears throughout The Hill.  He, and his minions, are not really on ice, though he gives America’s Constitutional Democracy quite a frost-bitten chill.
And Smilin’ Paul Ryan says he’s not buyin’ any of the Leaky Leaks of which everyone speaks.  In fact, he and Chaffetz and McConnell and others want Americans to focus more on the Leaky Leakers outside of the Trumpian-Bannonite sphere and Regime-of-Leaky-Dumps, instead of the broad investigations they should be demanding and focused upon if it were not for the Leaky Vessel supporters of Trump.
So, the Red Elephantine partisans load the T.V. and Radio airwaves and Computer land Blog-a-jammers, and Hack-a-rama-rammers with just more De-flections and Mis-directions and Denying Denials.  More Con-cealing Con-cealments.  More In-appropriate Appropriations for being partisanly Mis-lead by the trumpeting Elephantine Red !
An Independent Commission should really be the Congress’s Mission.  Perhaps a Special Prosecutor and his Investigatory Hearings would have even more Judicial Power for incriminating Admissions.
But the ragin’ red Republicans fear sabotaging themselves and their political futures, and losing control of their Agenda-to-please-the-Elitist-Few ! 
Pee-ewe !  And what about America’s Constitutional Democracy ?  Does that mean nothing to all of you ?!
Judging some of the Republicans’ already hatched Laws regarding Women who are Raped, then Lady Liberty and America must grin and bear the Child of her Rape - an Autocratic Dictatorship she could have escaped, but like so many other failed Democracies historically chose to ignorantly embrace.  How quickly we forget Democracy’s fragility when she Chooses to allow the Bad Seed of Autocracy within wittingly or un-wittingly.  When it comes to Rape, the Woman, for the most part, always loses.
The Republican Elitists in power now, Trump and his Gang, Ryan and his Gang-a-lang, and McConnell and his Gang-a-lang-a-lang, are seeking more Opportunities and Rewards to move up towards the already Rich, because they feel that the Middle Class, the Working Poor and the Poor should be further punished and put to bed without their scanty dinners, because they chose to be Suckers of the Predators our culture hails as the Winners.
It doesn’t matter that those mis-led Suckers and Losers voted the ragin’ red elephants in, because of well packaged Lies.  Oh no, the voting Sheeple must be further damaged and punished, and made fodder for the Elitist Few, or the Citizen’s United dark monies would have ceased rolling in as our tithes !
And we ragin’ red Republicans are doing what we must and may in order to increase our very own Pay Days and Future Trends, while Diminishing Returns and Depleted and Deleted Opportunities continue to accelerate and further the Middle Class’, the Working Poors’ and Poors’ diminutive End !
For the loss of Individual Freedoms and Opportunities due to the Legislatively-made Legal shutting down of and lack of Democratically supportive Social and Cultural Institutions for the Benefit and Progress of One and All is what corrodes and erodes and destroys Healthy Democracies as they backwardly slide toward Autocracies, Monarchies, Kleptocracies, Plutocracies, Oligarchies and all of their primitively ancient Elitist Empiric (and vampiric) Malarkey !
A Leaky Liar-in-Chief is a weak Vessel that will continually produce Chaos, and the rotten fruits of Lies.  And those the Liar-in-Chief rule over BeCome but pesky Flies giving Birth to Slavish, maggot-filled Futures and trash-filled Lives !


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