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What's Going Up In Smoke ?
by Leah Sellers
2017-05-18 10:30:19
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Can it be True ?  Are Dark Memory-laden Ovens being stoked in Syria just outside Syrian prisons ?
Prisons concentrated with Human Souls Assad and his cohorts and cronies want to be rid of for one darkly pragmatic reason or another ?
syri01_400Are the Smoke and Ashes of Lost Souls being blown into Global Eyes and Faces seeking and praying for an end to the Middle East’s Endless, Forever Wars ?  And why are the Wars Forever ?  Who Benefits from Warring
Forever ?  Shall we follow the slimy, slippery serpentine trail of the Money and see ?
Wars which distract and deflect Awakening Global Populations from what they are Awakening to ?  From how truly Enlightened and Enlightening they can Be ?  All Globally Beneficial and Benevolent Energies squandered and wasted, because their Attentions are deliberately forced elsewhere out of despair, fear and the need to Survive ?
Wars which enrich a Few Elitists and their cronies and cohorts, who make and Profit from their War Machines and Technologies, and Profit from their patents, and Profit from their highly suggestible and fear-based Civilian Clientele in more Peaceful Realms arming themselves for protection because Profit-making War is alive in their Profit-making T.V.’s, and radio air-waves, and computer algorithms, and Profit-making Power Games of their Leaders and the Elitist Few who perpetuate all of these Profit-making weaponizing and terrorizing Environments and Nightmare Realities so that they live in what they consider to be their Profit-laden high style and palatial safeguarded compounds ?
Is Assad concentrating his efforts on Concentration Camps ?  Prisons laced with psychologically poisonous Crematoriums ?  Giant Ovens for all of the Hansels and Gretels of the World who dare to Oppose and Resist the Dictator Assad and his Regime ?
Putin, sir, who have you taken on as a Chest Thumping and Harrumphing Buddy ?  Did your Folks propose these Darkly Memory-laden Ovens due to lingering historical and ancestral memories of the Russian Souls who went up in smoke years ago during World War II ?  Surely not ?  But then…..
Is Assad burning the Dead so that their rotting Corpses don’t Dis-ease and spread more physiological Dis-ease, while perpetuating Re-Cycled psychological Dis-ease, to the Still Living that Assad may want to remain Living in order to do his bidding ?  If so, such a wickedly tiresome and backward moving ancestral and historical Re-Tread that is.
Is Humanity Re-entering a Time of Mass Graves and Crematoriums.  Mass Vespers, Prayers and Memoriums.  Woe to Humankind.
When will we Grow-Up and Out of these heinous and destructive Ancient and Darkly Primitive Patterns ?  When will Humanity stop Producing and Re-Producing so-called Leaders, cohorts and cronies such as yourselves, Assad-Putin ?  Putin-Assad ?  When ?


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