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Another Chest Thumping Harrumpher is Harrumphing !
by Leah Sellers
2017-05-20 10:10:28
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The major Trade Summit is revving up in lovely Beijing, China.  In fact, many World Leaders are already there, which is a Good thing for Global Businesses everywhere.  And can even keep less than friendly competitors Civil.
trmp01_400_01Yes, Civility is such a necessary thing in the Balancing of Cultural Communions and Communications of any kind.
Someone offers someone else a Cup of Tea or Coffee, a glass of Wine or Vodka, a glass of Iced Water (as long as it’s not from the water pipes of Flint, Michigan), and tensions ease.  Folks smile at one another.  They exchange a little comforting chit-chat, and the World is made to Wheel-and-Deal and turn for another day in relative Peace and Peace of Mind.  Whew !
Viva la Diplomacy and Fair Trade !
And then, perhaps, because he doesn’t feel a part of the Main Stream of things, Kim-Jong-Un, the young Augustus of North Korea, decides that it is another perfect time to create further tensions in the World, and in the Trade talks, (because North Korea is still under some very stiff Global Sanctions, because of its past and present mis-behaviors) with another jag of Missile and Nuclear threatening bucket of Malarkey to be dramatically thrown about here and there and everywhere while busily and intimidatingly Chest Thumping and Harrumphing.
However, Kim-Jong-Un appears to be a fairly well informed young man.  So, why does he continue to Harrumph and Thump around like a maddened Mad Man ?
Perhaps, he should have a chit-chat with his People over a Cup of Tea (please, no offerings of Coffee to add to some already apparent hyper-sensitivities), and just run his line of thinking by them in some format of Real-Time-Reality.
North Korea is a beautiful, though tightly saddled, country filled with beautiful and thriving families, simply living their daily lives, just like everyone else all around this amazing, blue-green gemstone of a planet we all live upon.  Do the North Koreans understand just exactly what it is that Kim-Jong-Un’s current Threatening Chest Thumping and Harrumphing will bring to all of them, as well as to the rest of the World ?
Yes, North Korea is now perfectly able to get a missile off into the air, that won’t plunge headway into the ocean, but actually reach South Korea, or Japan or China or the United States of America or anyone else they feel as though they want to hurt or annihilate.  But then all of the rest of the Nations allied with whatever other nation gets hurt will turn all of their missiles (non-nuclear and nuclear) on North Korea.  Nothing will be left of the entire nation but a hole in the ground.  Nothing but rubble and ruin.  A beautiful piece of the Earth, and all of its beautiful people, blown to smithereens, made ashes and dust, and for what ?  Kim-Jong-Un’s ego ?  His need to appear what some foolishly call manly or a leader ?
And Kim-Jong-Un, sir, the whole World is struggling right now with other Chest Thumping Harrumphers threateningly and primitively vying for power each and every day with modern Nation and World Annihilating Technological Horrors.  The United States of America has allowed one into her Sacred Office of National Leadership, who quite thoroughly enjoys Chest Thumping and Harrumphing right back atcha‘, while Europe is still wisely struggling against the return of such primal and destructive forces.  Good luck to us all on that front !
Sir, all of the tantruming and threatening to blow this up or that up is not getting North Korea the kind of attention or Respect she should be seeking from the rest of the World in order to get Cooperation or Fair Trade from North Korea’s neighbors.  Many of whom would like to do legitimate business with North Korea (other than War Machine Business) and her wonderful and industrious people.
Violence and War are the last things upon this glorious Planet we call Home that should be or need to be glorified and sanctified.
Sir, there are many modalities of Leadership Skills and Thrills to choose from.  There are hundreds of Leadership workshops on-line nowadays, if you do not have time within your busy schedule to attend one in person.  Perhaps, while  considering some other styles of Leadership to better meet the overall needs of North Korea‘s people, you could share what you discover with some other Leaders like Assad and Putin ?  Perhaps, America’s own Chest Thumping Harrumpher ?  After all, as a Nation’s Leader the overall Welfare and Well-being of your people is your First and most Primary Concern, is it not ?


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