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National Face
by David Sparenberg
2017-05-18 10:30:34
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Nation—here is the face you have elected for collective representation; the face that interfaces with the entire human world.  Look at that face.  Look!  What does it say to you and what does it say about you?

linc01_400Is it a face of dignity and intelligence, a face of tolerance and compassion; a face that reveals steadfast dedication to justice, to patient, multi-perspective, understanding, friendliness, striving for political integrity, honesty, for peace?

Or is it a face of indulgent greed and arrogance, of ignorance and vulgarity; a scowling face, quick of ire, discoloring with rage, hateful toward outsiders, those who are treated as “other”?  Is it a face of emotional suffocation and immaturity, of callous disregard, banal, bloat, and narcissistically obsessed? 

How do you associate and how do you feel about your national face?  Are you proud of it?  Are you ashamed?  Do you embrace, or do you resist?

When you travel out to others, visiting foreign countries, being among strange people and speaking, looking into the mirror-faces of the unfamiliar, how are you reflected?  Are you part of a face, an identity, of decency, warm and engendering trust and respect?  Or are you a participant in the visage of obscenity—an associate molester of female Earth and a companion bully to the rest of humanity?

Wasn’t it Lincoln, President Abraham Lincoln, who admonished us in times of crisis to be guided by “the better angels of our natures”?  Who remembers?  Where is that Heaven part of us now?


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Emanuel Paparella2017-05-18 17:01:43
I forget who said that by the time one is thirty, he/she has the face he/she deserves. Indeed, faces can be quite revealing, at times; they mirror one's soul. On the other hand, there is the fable of the Beauty and the Beast to consider too.

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