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The Enemy of My Frienemy, Is My Frienemy!
by Leah Sellers
2017-05-16 10:43:28
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Dah !  The Royal Trumps and the Clintons are all Political and Philosophical Frienemies !  And We proudly yucking-it-up-over-the-American-Conundrum-that-We-helped-to-Create-and Continue-to-Manifest-and-poke-at Russians (and allied Others) are the Political and Philosophical Enemies !
clint01_400Dah !  Dah !  The Trumpian-Bannononite Regime’s Nationalistic, Bigotted, Misogynistic, Fear and Hate laden strings are unwinding and dismantling the Institutions of the American Dream Machine !
Dah !  Life is Complex.  Political and Philosophical Mindscapes and Landscapes can be quirky, murky and Complicated.  And at times vastly under or over-rated.  But, be not dismayed over the disarrayed, because they always offer a Billionaire Pay Day to the uneven and skewed Predatory Markets we have created and upon we monstrously gluttonous Predators Prey !
So, drink up to our Never-Admitted-Victory, comrades !  We owe Trump and his Gang nothing in return !  Let them twist-in-the-wind and burn for the Wanna-be-Dictatorship for which he, and they, yearned, and which the Awakening Americans are now beginning to spurn ! 
We used (and are still using when We can) the Trumpian-Bannonite Regime to Abuse and undermine our Enemy, Hillary Clinton, with her meddlesome Democratic and Equal Human Rights ways, that got in My way, in not too long ago Election Days. 
And now, we have returned the sour-tummied favor, and thrown Hillary’s precious American Institutions into a dizzying dither, by nudging the Psychological Energies of their Elections in the direction of a Pathological Lying Machine who will fill America with all of his toxic narcissistic schemes and dottering blither.  Ha !  Ha !
Dah, comrades !  Just look at all of the Truly Patriotic and Courageous American Patriots thrown under the bus with such a fuss, but little muss (until now), to the Ego-driven Needs and Greeds of Donald Trump and his Millionaire-Billionaire-Zillionaire Team, and all of their Capitalistically Capitalizing Minions as they slop around their Wanna-Be-CEO-Dictatorship Schemes around like a corrosive acid.  Making the Sheeple of America less than placid !  Ha !  Ha !
And happily, this comrade is out of the way of America’s Impeachment’s reach.  Mother Russia has no such Check’s-and-Balances Fail-Safe to
teach !  Ha !  Ha !
And so, this comrade is truly Free to Be all that this Comrade Wants and Needs to Be !  Sorry, Frenemy Trumpty, my Disguised-as-a-Democratic-President-but-truly-a-CEO- Dictator-Wanna’-Be, much like me !
Flynn is making the Americans head spin !  Manafort is docking them into wrong and misleading ports !  Stone is beginning to rattle their teeth and bones !  Then there’s Attorney General Sessions’ recusal that turned into another Possession of a Lie of Refusal.  And Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein, who is new to the job being thrown and catching a poisonous spit-ball lob.  All difficult situations affecting and effecting many tarnished reputations.
Ha !  Ha !  Let us all hope that they do not follow the Money or the dead Russian bodies that have fallen in the streets or places more discreet !
While the rude and degrading firings of FBI’s Comey, the Department of Justice’s Sally and Preet have given America cold feet in the beginning.  But that trend is, and their Wheels of Justice and Democratic Institutions are now, gaining traction instead of uselessly spinning.  And the Trumpian-Bannonite Regime does not see any of this arising energy as a Formula for their Winning ! 
Dah !  Let us yuck it up, as Comrade Lavrov did with the American Secretary of State Tillerson in the Oval Office at the expense of The Face of the fired FBI Director, James Comey, and America as a whole !  We could not have scored a better Optical Victory and Wounding if we had all of their leadership on our dole !
Is it not amusing to watch Trump and all of his Capitalistically Capitalizing Minions trip and fall, one-by-one, into the proverbial Swamp they were supposed to be draining, at the impetus of some the American Citizens’ (who voted for them) complaining, due to their own Lies and Self-Beneficially (only) Profit-making Machinations which they were, and still are, spuriously struggling at maintaining, despite all their feigning at being quite something and/or someone else In-Training ?!  Ha !  Ha ! 
Just trying to keep up with all of That is what this Comrade would contemporaneously call swampily and painfully draining !
You see, Comrades, the Trumpian-Bannonite Regime, much like this Comrade (and my Millionaire-Billionaire-Zillionaire Capitalistically Capitalizing Minions) holds Capitalism to be their true Religion. 
They, and this Comrade, worship the Golden Calf of ancient texts and times, because we are no one’s basting pigeon, and they merely Use and Abuse it to their Advantage, and to take Advantage of, just as this Comrade, and his Followers do.  And then we Lie and say we’re Doing it all for You !  Ha !  Ha !  Ha !
Ummm, perhaps, I should slow down on the vodka imbibing, before I let on regarding other things that we are contriving……
As this hockey-pucking, mountain-pony riding Comrade was explaining, our version of Malevolently Capitalizing Capitalism is a Religion with little or No Scruples which continue to Re-Cycle Economies into hazardous Loopity-Looples !
And that is what Needier and Greedier Predators adore about this Amorally Scrupless Malevolently Capitalistic System and Religion we Elitist Few are happily Reviving, that The Many we wend up depriving, so deplore !
“But Comrade” a still, small Voice suggested from the very back of the noisy, bustling room,  “Perhaps we, too, should begin to prepare, if we dare, for even rockier days ahead ourselves, and none too soon ?”
Is that Comrade Zero ?!  Are you going to spoil this day of celebration with another tirade on Global Warming or Equal Human Rights without hesitation ?
Comrade Zero are you once again to chastise We Elitist Few with our Need to get our Greeds out of the very lucrative Fossil Fuel vampiric, Empiric Businesses and Usurpations of Oil glutted Russian Satellite (and other) countries, and switch over to Planet-Sustaining and Maintaining Green Energies ?!  Ha !  Ha !
Comrade Zeros can be such foolish silly-willies !
No Comrade, this Comrade Zero would just like to remind everyone here that the Sleeping Giant, America, is Awakening to the truly dangerous assaults upon her cherished Democratic Institutions, while we here, celebrate and cheer.  And will soon Repair and Mend Herself, and throw off the parasites Dis-easing and slowly Poisoning her precious Democracy for all the World to see.
Careful, Comrade Zero, you know what Mis-haps can befall those who endanger Mother Russia.  And when this Comrade and his fellow Millionaire-Billionaire-Zillionaire Capitalistically Capitalizing Minions are endangered, Mother Russia is also endangered.  To these facts, none of you should be Strangers.
And it is another Fact of Life’s Accountings and Strife’s Mountings, that Comrade Zeros are fairly easy to make disappear, any time day or night, do you hear ?
What you say may be true in certain Wickedly and Twistedly made and allowed Realities, made by Comrades such as yourself, and those who follow your Ancient Patterns of Perpetually Predatory and Warring Dis-ease.
But Mother Russia, and America, by any other shapes and names, will putter and sputter along through the Ages long after you, and the Millionaire-Billionaire-Zillionaire Capitalistically Capitalizing Minions like you, are all nothing more than dried-up dust and corrosive cultural rust. Just destructively annoying after-thoughts to be cogitated upon with distaste and dross.
Comrade, My Loyalty and Duty are to Mother Russia and to Her and My People, and the overall Benefit of All the Peoples of our ailing Planet.  And, Comrade, you will find this to hold true in every Nation’s Peoples throughout this Planet’s Lands.  Do you truly comprehend this ?  Do you Understand ? 
More and more Peoples are Awakening to the Reality that if they want a truly Good Future for ThemSelves and their Children, that they must make a Unified Stand.  And Re-think and Re-Tool Cultural Systems to be better Sustaining and Maintaining of The Many and not just The Few.
Ha !  Ha !  Comrade Zero, you are such an UnRealistic Fool ?!
And why is that, Comrade ?  Simply because I choose to See and Create another Alternate Reality which Gives a Better Quality of Life and Existence to one and All ?
Ha !  Ha !  Comrade Zero, as long as there are Predatory Predators like me there will always be Prey !
Yes, but when the so called Prey Unify as a Whole they drive the Culturally Endangering away !
Enough of this senseless banter, Comrade Zero, you have always been a nonsensical ranter !
Comrades, one and all, lift your glasses high to our flailing Frenemy, the Trumpian-Bannonite Regime !  Hail !  And possibly fare-the-well !  Because everything that comes out of their Lying Propaganda Machines is now truly revealed to be not all that it seems !
America is being led by Elitist Creatures spewing persistent and flashy nano-second Sound and Visual Bytes of Deflections, Distractions and Delusions, casting Chaos and Confusions.  The Land of Liberty is being transformed into the Land of Dis-Illusion !
“But Comrade”, the still, small Voice at the very back of the room continued to persist, “The Americans Fourth Estate and Investigators are seriously and busily exploring the Lies and corrosive Secretive Activities that the Trumpian-Bannonite Regime now claims to be Deploring.  America is Waking Up !  She is no longer Snoring !
The Sheeple are no longer bleating.  They are Roaring !  They are demanding Noble, Honorable, Thoughtful, Knowledgeable and Compassionate Leaders who make Decisions and Govern with more than Accounting Ledgers and zipping, well controlled (only by The Elitist Few) numerical Algorithms, that can lead to National and Global convulsing, Economy blowing Aneurisms.
Around the Globe, People are reaching out to Ideas and Leaders who will view the World through different and more energizing Life benefiting and Changing Prisms for One and All !
Peoples everywhere are Communicating with one another and Thinking and Feeling that if the Enemy of my Frienemy is my Frienemy.  Then the Frienemy of my Frienemy can BeCome my Ally and eventually a Friend-to-Me !  Now that is a World truly worth Living for and Living In !
The noisy, bustling floor went silent and still listening to the Informed Many’s cogently meaningful and transformative, fervent Will………


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