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Silent Moments
by Nikos Laios
2017-05-16 10:43:12
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Silent Moments

Through the open window
I can see the glistening ripples
Form in the rain puddles
Under the rusted drainpipe
As smoke rises up from
The nearby steelworks.

caldera_sunset_400It looks like a
Fire breathing dragon,
Long twisted steel lines
And curled pipes with
Flashing orange, red and
Yellow lights, an occasional
Bellowing roar let out from
Its bowels with rising steam
As it consumes and shapes
More steel.

Raindrops started to slowly
Fall again splashing against
The white wooden window frame,
Curls of peeling paint
Dancing under the weight of
The raindrops.

I leaned against the
Window in my white singlet
With stains of red wine
Seeping into my
Tastebuds, that's
All that mattered

I uncorked another
Bottle and started
Again, with
The red wine
In my hand,
And the peeling
Paint and the splashing
Rain and the rising steam
And the flashing lights
On twisted steel
As tragic violin
Notes floated from
The radio over
The room.

At that moment
The world slept
As it plunged its
Soul into the heart
Of the sea.

We condemn
Ourselves with every step
Though life to miss these
Sillent moments
In our modern

I reflected on these
Thoughts as they swirled
In the glistening ripples
In the rain puddles
Through the open
Window under the
Rusted drainpipe,
As drops of red wine
Stained my tongue
And painted my soul.

I was left there
Alone with my
Sillent moments
And I was content,
For that's all that
Mattered to me


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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