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Americans Have Pre-Existing Choices......
by Leah Sellers
2017-05-11 08:57:59
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People !  People !  Sheeple !  Quiet down, now !
Now, we all know that We all are born with Pre-Existing, Pre-Ordained Conditions, Religious Liberties and Opportunistic Choices !  Yes, Yes, we are !  And we must take Responsibility for them all, even though our Conditions, our Religious Liberties and Opportunistic Choices may or may not Work in our favor.  Que sera, sera, as they say !
exist01_400Yes, Americans have Choices, and the Republican held Congress and our mighty leader Donald Trump must take away Obama’s mamby-pamby Affordable Care Act’s Healthier view and actions regarding Healthcare for One and All away from Everyone, and start from scratchety-scratch in order to give you Malevolent Capitalistic Free (but completely Rigged) Market Choices !
It does not matter that over 80% of you People-Sheeple like the Affordable Care Act !
You grumbling ingrates !  The Market Economy we are dumping all of you back into with the glutted and greedy Insurance Corporations, Medical Corporations and Pharmaceutical Corporations (because most of us are in hospital beds with them) is Predatory to the rotten core of its very Life Usurping Being, but such is Life !  Get over it !
Sometimes you Win and sometimes you Lose in the Game of Life !  Hut one, Hut two, Hut three…..!  Hail Mary !
And the majority of American People-Sheeple must Lose so that our mighty leader Donald Trump and our red, ragin’, elephantine Republican Party can save our Political Faces and Win !
We promised our disgruntled constituents an end to that Black President’s Welfare Healthcare Program, and you know how those blacks can be !  This is a White Man’s World, and we must have White Man’s Healthcare, just as it used to be !
No more Contraceptive Care for Women !  Especially White Women !  We White Men need our White Women birthin’ more Babies once again, and stayin’ home to take care of their Men-folk and the Babies they are birthin’ !
And we need the Black and Brown folks  to Understand their place in our Scheme of things !  They are the Other !  They need to be kept behind Physical Great Walls and Detention Centers and Prisons, and Social Great Walls we call Laws of the Land in order to keep them pinned-in and controlled when they are out on our Streets and our Wall Streets !
Women, and Blacks and Browns are second class citizens !  And we sure as heck do not want to see anymore Uppity Blacks to embarrass White Men like our mighty leader Donald Trump at Fake News Events for all to see, just because they illegitimately got into the Presidency !  Aloha, Kenya Barak !
Because of our Pre-Existing and Pre-Ordained Religious Liberties and Tax-free Church Rights we ruling White Men do not want to see Women or Blacks or Browns or Folks who have had pre-marital Sex (in or out of Pre-Existing and Pre-Ordained Bordellos who get found out Pre-Maritally or Post-Maritally) or Homosexuals or Bi-Sexuals or Tri-Sexuals or……Well, you all know who the Others are.  Those Terrorizing Immigrants and all of those Other troublesome Others !
They do not deserve Fair or Just Medical Treatment, if they do not have enough pieces of paper or metal coins or numerical algorithms zipping in and out of Banks working for them.
In Malevolent Capitalistic Free Market Economies there are Winners and Losers, and the shrinking Middle Class, the Poor and the Others are, and should be, the Losers if they cannot Pay to Play the Healthcare Save Your Life and the Quality of your Life Game !
Health is a Market Commodity !  Flush Markets flush and disperse like well made Commodity commodes !
Supply and Demand are the Golden and green-backed Rule of the Pay to Play Game !  Only those with enough Moo-lah can Demand the Supply of Healthcare !  And that’s something to get flushed about !
Healthcare is a Profit-making Business !  It’s Transactional so the Value of Life becomes Transactional !  That’s just insensitive common sense !
If you cannot pay the Asking Prices of the Market-based Healthcare, then you have a Choice that We Republicans, and our mighty leader Donald Trump have given you - Life or Death !
Now, let’s discuss Market-based Funerary Services, Paupers Graves, and Mass Trash-Barrel Cremations…….
What ?!  What ?!  Who just asked that stupid question about Universal Healthcare, Single-Payer Healthcare for One and All ?!  Who ?!
Throw those no good, unpatriotic, Rabble Rousers out !  And, no, do not give them a Choice !  They don’t deserve a Choice !  This is a Market-based Transactional Event !  Those Rabble Rousers are Pre-Existedly and Pre-Ordained to get pushed or pulled out and away from all of the rest of us Pay to Play Players !  Out !  Out !  Out !


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