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If you were mine
by Abigail George
2017-05-10 11:03:49
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If you were mine
(for my paternal grandparents)

ol01_400_01Perhaps this is how
       my grandparents met. Perhaps, this too,
was their love song.

So, I say your name.
       Mikale – but for the life of me you can’t
understand why I’m

reaching out to you like this. Why I
       find you interesting (and sensitive).
Your face and hands,

wise, interesting (and sensitive)
       inside your leather jacket. In your presence, I’m tongue-tied. Don’t
know what to say.

So, I talk about
       everything and nothing at the same time. I think about
the fact that I don’t swim anymore.

I think about the fact
       that you’re a man, who lives and builds and breathes and eats
with the desire of a man.

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