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Before Us Is Earth
by David Sparenberg
2017-05-07 12:04:05
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Before Us Is Earth

earth01_400_03Look at me.  Do you see?  I am here.  I am who you are indifferent to; I am who you are coming after.

When there is a storm, I go down to the sea.  When it is dawn, I climb farther up the far-seeing mountain.  Always climbing, yet near topping a summit!

Never have I worshiped in the temple of progress.  I pledge no allegiance to the civilization of lies. Nor do I believe myself betraying life.  If people do not change, we are bound to perish.

Bees, dusted with pollen, and butterflies are my companions.  Flowers and song birds are angels accompanying me.  These living colors and these vibrations are the plenum of this planet.  It is bad faith to anticipate more before loving first the wealth that is given.

Nothing do I pray for except the Earth.  Nothing do I gift to others other than the monk’s poverty of peace and simplicity of song.

Look at me here.  Look now.  Do you see?  Do you touch that light that filters down between heavy clouds?  I am somebody, like a spider, rocking in the web of ecstasy; I am leaving tender footprints on threads of time.  If we do not deal with our shadows quickly, we will perish from addictions.

Before us is Earth.  Between us is the event yet to happen.  It is a foolish life without awakening.  Without repentance, recognition.  Without rights, and the power to act.


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