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Maybelle's Stone Porch is Better than Wood
by Leah Sellers
2017-05-08 10:39:43
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Maybelle slowly moved toward the first booth seat inside the Fluffy Top Café, and gingerly eased down into her chosen spot.
Her old friend, Fred, was seated at another table slurping on his second cup of black coffee with some other Buddies of his.  “Hey, Maybelle.  You still sore from your surgery a few weeks ago ?”  Fred asked as he stood up, coffee cup in hand, walked over to Maybelle’s booth and sat down opposite his good friend.
“No, I’m sore from all of the work I just did on the building of my front porch.”
forest01_400_04“Woman, you just got out of the hospital a few weeks ago.  What in the world are you doin’ buildin’ a front porch, in the shape you’re in ?”  Fred asked seriously.
“I thought that your new neighbor, Michael, was goin’ to throw one up for you for free as one of his charitable church activities ?”  Fred added.
“Well, that was the plan, but then my other new neighbor came over to introduce himself to me and my sister, Doreen, and the best of well made plans got changed,”  Maybelle said emphatically.
“How so?”  Fred asked as he took another sip of his coffee.
“His name is Dave,”  Maybelle began.
“Mornin’, Maybelle,” a happy-go-lucky voice chirped as the waitress giving the greeting walked toward Maybelle and Fred’s booth with a coffee cup in one hand, and a steaming pot of coffee in the other.  “You havin’ your regular ?  Two eggs over easy, crisp bacon, dry toast and coffee loaded with cream ?”
“You got it, Sarah.  And thanks for the cup of coffee right off the bat,”  Maybelle smiled, as she took her first swig.  “Nothin’ like that first cup of the mornin’”.
Sarah pulled a few creamers out of her pocket and laid them down beside Maybelle‘s cup of coffee.  “Be right back with it.” 
Sarah poured a little more coffee into Fred’s half empty cup and asked,  “Anything else for you, Fred ?”
“Just a little warm-up when you’re headed back this way.  Thank you, Sarah,”  Fred answered warmly.
“Okay, now, let’s hear about this, Neighbor Dave, Maybelle,” Fred said earnestly.
“Well, he chatted with us for about four hours or more the afternoon he came over to introduce himself,”  Maybelle began.
“Four hours, on the first visit ?”  Fred laughed outright.
“Yes, four hours, at least,”  Maybelle grinned.
“At first he came off as a nice enough fellah,”  Maybelle recounted.  “And then he started sayin’ that he had heard about the big ‘ole Wood Porch, Michael, was wantin’ to build for me.  And how he had already taken a look at the big Wood Porch that Michael had just recently built for another neighbor, and her invalid mother.”
“Neighbor Dave then proceeded to bad mouth Michael’s workmanship, and telling Doreen and me that he was a Real Carpenter, and would have done a much better job for cash money,”  Maybelle said matter-of-factly.
“Then Neighbor Dave told me and Doreen that he could build me a much better Wood Porch for cash money, sayin’ that Michael might be helping folks out by building them a Wood Porch for free at his own cost, but that his workmanship was shoddy, while Neighbor Dave bragged that his was primo,”  Maybelle continued.
“I was really taken aback at a stranger sayin’ such negative things about Neighbor Michael, especially since I had already seen the porch he built for my neighbor with the invalid Mama, and it was one fine looking porch.  But I just listened,”  Maybelle paused.
“Then Neighbor Dave began to brag to Doreen and me that he had been a member of some Biker Club, that he claimed was just an offshoot of some Skin-Head group,”  Maybelle whispered.
“Why are you whisperin’, Maybelle ?”  Fred asked mischievously.
“I am not whisperin’.  It’s just that Neighbor Dave began to make me and Doreen very nervous,”  Maybelle retorted.
“He then began to tell us all about the many nefarious bar fights he had been in, and about how he had shot his son-in-law, and was mad about the fact that the boy had lived in spite of his deadly intentions,”  Maybelle continued to whisper.
“What ?”  Fred put his coffee cup down on the table top with deliberation.
“You heard me right.  He bragged about trying to kill his daughter’s husband and the father of his grandchildren.  And he laughed very mean-spiritedly when he told his tale,”  Maybelle emphasized.
“So, after finding out what Neighbor Dave was capable of, how was I supposed to let Neighbor Michael build my big Wood Porch for free, when threatening Neighbor Dave wanted to build it for cash ?”
“Why would Neighbor Dave tell Doreen and me all of those wicked things about himself, unless he was trying to tell me something threatening at some subconscious level about what he would do to either or both Neighbor Michael and myself if I let Neighbor Michael build my big Wood Porch for free, Fred?”  Maybelle asked rhetorically.
“I was madder than a hatter at Neighbor Dave’s ugly intentions regarding myself and my Wood Porch,”  Maybelle said hotly.  “But I smiled and cooed, and never let on to what I was thinking, until Neighbor Dave left my home that afternoon.  And then Doreen and I discussed the matter off and on for the rest of the day.”
“He had more than outworn his welcome,”  Maybelle added.
“So, what did you decide to do, Maybelle ?”  Fred asked.
“Well, I decided to take matters into my very own hands,”  Maybelle said nonchalantly.
“So, I went out and bought a bunch of materials for a big Stone Porch,”  Maybelle said with satisfaction.
“My Granddpa had taught me some decent Stone Masonry skills, when I would visit he and Grandma’s Farm during the summer,” Maybelle reminisced.
“They were always Working Summer Vacations,”  Maybelle chuckled.
“That’s why I’m so sore, and moving around like an ‘ole tortoise today, Fred,”  Maybelle laughed outright.
“And just look at my hands,”  Maybelle complained as she held them up for inspection.  “My nails are all broken and chipped.  My cuticles are all split and my hands feel like sandpaper.”
“Mixing cement and shuffling around with a wheel barrel of stones is hard work,”  Maybelle announced.  “But I was not going to let that Bully Boy intimidate me into doing what he wanted me to do.”
“So, I just built my own big Stone Porch, and as far as I’m concerned it’s better and sturdier than Wood,”  Maybelle declared defiantly.
Fred laughed out loud.  “Maybelle, just out of the hospital, and out there buildin’ your very own Stone Porch just to ruin some ’ole Wooden-headed Bully’s dirty schemin’ day.”
Fred slapped his thigh and said, “Darlin’ you are not payin’ for your breakfast this mornin’, ’cause I am.”


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