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The Re-Making of a Chest Thumper's World!
by Leah Sellers
2017-05-04 09:35:40
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Calling All Chest Thumpers !  Calling All Global Chest Thumpers !
Yes, all of you Chest Thumping Thug-a-lugs !
All of you Predators of Prey who get down on their bended knees filled with Humiliating Humility to Pray for their, and everybody else’s, Daily Bread, and whatever else those tasty Sweet Meats can think of to Beg for on bended knee !  Tee-hee-hee !
trumpism01_400Let them Beg for Forgiveness, Apologize and Pray for a Better Day !  But we mighty Chest Thumpers do not Beg !  Do not Forgive !  We will hold a Grudge and wait for another day to attack, ravage and plunder our Prey, if need be !  It is a part of our Creed !
When Chest Thumpers go to Church it is to Network and Wrangle for Profit with the Consumer Congregation, and the Angels, and the Lord, God, Himself in Patriarchal Heaven ! 
We, Chest Thumpers leave the Hell’s Demons to roam, and Profit, and ravage and plunder on their own, because We understand kindred Spirits sniffing out the herds of Praying, Bleating Prey !  We understand territorial perview !  Oh Glory Days !!
Yes, Calling All Global Chest Thumpers, Great and small !  Thug-a-lugs, murderers and thieves, some Smarter, more Charming, more Cunning and more Well Mannered than others, but Thug-a-lugs, murderers and thieves, none-the-less !
Oh Pugilistic Gangs and Secretive Kabals of Ancient and All times.  Chest Thumping Thug-a-lugs, murderers and thieves, one and all !  Hear our Chest Thumping and Stumping Harrumphing Call !
Yes, due to Fear-based and easily dazed and confused Sweet Meat Herds of Stampeding Sheeple, worldwide Democracies are ripe to be plucked and devoured whole by Authoritarian, Patriarchal, War Mongering, Dictatorial, Profit Siphoning, Chest Thumping Thug-a-lugs Worldwide ! 
Yes, We Chest Thumping Thug-a-lug Profit-licking-and-kicking Dictators hiding, but busily machinating, behind Sham democracies - Dead Husk Shell Democracies - and Democracies We Chest Thumpers have very deliberately and painstakingly made tattered Shams of Freedom’s and Liberty’s Death.
Oh yes !  The Democratic Death Knolls are Tolling, and it's up to Us Chest Thumping Thug-a-lugs to keep it Rocking-and-Rolling ! 
And those Chest Thumping, Profit-licking-and-kicking, Demagogic, C.E.O. Authoritarians hiding within struggling Democracies using Technologies and Fears brought on by Financial Hardships and Scarcities, and Wars and Rumors of Endless Wars to manipulate some Sheeple into helping Us Chest Thumping Thug-a-lugs Dis-mantle and eventually bring down and Destroy the remaining, confused and divided Shining Democracies of the remaining, but very unfortunate Loyal and Knowing, but scattered, Many !
Ha !  All the Bleating, Fleeing Sheeple had to do was stop running around Divided and Unite !  Yes, Unite and push their Sweet Meat Energetic Forces and Dreams of Utopias for One and All against our Nightmarish Dis-topias Ruled by the Predatory Few !
Yes, but We have Basic Human Greed and Needs on our side.  That and Fake News and bought-and-paid-for Commercialized Propaganda on our side.  We have but to spend all of our time reminding the Sheeple that they are nothing more than Sweet Meat Consumers that We Chest Thumping Thug-a-lugs, murderers and thieves Squeeze, at times Falsely Appease and Consume !
Yes, We Chest Thumping Thug-a-lugs will take all Democracies for a Wheeling-Dealing Fatalistic Ride, and then ‘Rope-a-Dope’ and Tie them down behind Great Walls, We Chest Thumpers Con the Sheeple into paying for, and that We Chest Thumping Thug-a-lugs Profit from and find Safety within and behind - ha !
And our Great Walls will crawl and zip with Drone blips and whirrs and Robotic Eyes wandering the ravaged Lands, polluted Seas and carbon blackened Skies of Our version of Heavenly Profit for the Predatory Soulless Few ruling over the thrust in Hellish Offal Bleeding Hearts and Bleating, empty-headed, empty-pocketed, empty coffered Sweet Meat Herded Many-A-Plenty !  Ya-hoo !!
The Meek are not Blessed !  They do not, nor will they ever Rule the
World ! 
The Earth is the Land of the Predatory Beasts and Churning Worms !  And We, Chest Thumping Thug-a-lugs are here to remind those Fools of that very Reality !  A Reality that We Make.  That We, Chest Thumping Thug-a-lugs have Chosen to Make, and through the Ages Re-Make, in our very own ravenously Selfish and Predatory Images and Natures !
There is no Free Will !  There is no Liberty !  There is no Egalitarianism !  There is only Our Chest Thumping Thug-a-lug Will !  Our Enslavement of those who would be Free from our Total Control !  Our Authoritarian and Dictatorial, Predatory, Profit-licking-and-kicking Consuming, Chest Thumping, Warring and Claw-and-Fang Rule !
Yes, Our Chest Thumping Thug-a-lug, murdering thieving Name is Greed.  The Greatest Sin of All, because it sinfully Consumes All Sins !  And it is within Greed’s Great, Wide Maw that Worlds and Heavens will all end !


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