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There Are No Leaders
by David Sparenberg
2017-05-02 08:26:46
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I can talk of myself and speak of various activities I engage in, giving myself partial identity through these engagements.  Some of what I do I might even excel at.

tree01_400_03Before the values of Big Money, I am next to nothing.  Before the suits and masks of the powerful and those who hold the strings of puppet-politics, I am nobody, a socially invisible speck, a mere murmur passing unheard into the obscenity of silence.

I recognize that I walk differently, am moving in a different direction to rhythms of a different drum.  My heart might even be echoing heartbeats from the fiery core of the ancient Earth.   My Earth-walk is in the DreamMaker way.  Now I turn to people.

Underneath the tedious disguises of society, in the forever ever-ripening dream of freedom, we are identical.  I come to you—to you and to others reachable at near-distance: I look into your eyes this moment and lift my hands in the gesture of exchanging gifts.

The world is serious—a serious, ambiguous, threatening and threatened place—on threshold tipping lives and species into uncertain futures.  There are no leaders.  Those who pretend to be have no real answers.  Here we are.

This is you, this me—words like harvest fruit in our mouths: the danger, the extravagance, the ordinary, and the possible.

One act of beauty might become the universal increase of giving.  One prayer together might save from extinction the archangel of the Earth, or reconnect us to the sacredness of life.


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