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Are You Still Daddy's Little Girl?
by Leah Sellers
2017-04-28 10:26:19
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Are You Still Daddy’s Little Girl ?
Are you still Daddy’s Little Girl ?
He asked in his Smiley Voice
His Sugar and Spice
I wanna’ Be Nice Voice
No sir.
What ?
girl01_400No more Sugar and Spice in Daddy’s Voice
More like the Lion is after the Mice
I’m settin’ Myself a Trap Voice
No Seduction
No Smile
Just Brute Force
No, sir.
I am not your Little Girl anymore, Daddy
You are a Cheater and a Liar
You are a Church Deacon
Who uses his Smiley Voice and his Smiley Face
Every Sunday at Church
But at Home
You Cheat on Mama with younger Barbie Dolls
And you Lie about it all of the time
Then you tell me to
Be a Good Girl
A Good Woman
A Good Wife
A Good Mama
But that is all just a Lie in your Mouth, Daddy
Because, what are you ?
Are you a Good Boy ?
A Good Man ?
A Good Husband ?
A Good Daddy ?
No sir.
You are a Liar and a Cheat
So, why would I want to Be Daddy’s Good Little Girl ?
When you do not want to Be my Good Big Daddy ?
Don’t you Back-talk me, Little Girl !
I’m not Back-talking, Daddy
I Answered your Question
No Back-talking to it
I’m just telling the Truth
You’re too Young to Know what the Truth is
Not too Young to Know and Understand this Truth, Daddy
Those other Ladies you Cheat with call Mama on the phone
Right after you have left them all Alone
They tell her to divorce you
So that they can have you
Mama cries
She’s so quiet when she cries
But I am a Nosey-Posey
So, when I hear Mama crying
I tippy-toe into the room
And give Mama a Big Hug
And I cry with her
I cry and tell her that everything is going to be alright
But it doesn’t Feel alright
None of it Feels Right
You pulled Mama out of College
When she wanted to stay
Mama is a really Good HomeMaker
Mama is an Artist
Mama is a Singer and a Piano Player
Mama is Loved by Everyone who knows her
Mama is Beautiful
You’re always saying that she looks like
A Brunette Shirley Jones
But I do not know who that is
But one day I’m gonna’
Grandma calls Mama her Other Daughter
But that means nothing to you, Daddy
Because you are what the Preacher calls a Lust Hound
And I do know what a Hound is
Because we have one
And I looked up the word Lust
And the Preacher is right, Daddy
You Chase and Lust after Money and Women
You are a Lust Hound
You cannot Speak to Me that way !
I am your Father !
Yes sir
And even though I know that you are gonna’ whip me
That will never change What You Are
What We Are to one another right now, Daddy
You are not a Good Daddy
And I am not your Little Girl


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