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Joy's Riddle
by Ovi Magazine Guest
2017-04-24 09:59:21
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By Ebi Robert

Joy's Riddle

po01_400Take me to the feast of a thousand shooting stars
Lie above all wisps, waves of green diamonds
Teach me the tones that the tiny tone tune to foster
Sing about fine lilies, funny golds and funky diamonds
Ride me on the chariots of swift sunny wind
Steady my heart on a million lies on hundred speeds
Soar and roar and make not my tender heart bleed
That is, bless friendship means and true trusted deeds

Lay my little likeness on luminous lemons
Beat my loves and do beat my demons
Love me now and I shall love you back;
I speak of my love on a sister’s back

Make my heart the arrow of your bow
I will paint you with the colours of the rainbow
Like the Heifer the Philistines plow
I will solve your riddle that they do not know


The End

If the Philistines had not plow a Heifer, what would they haven’t found? (A riddle from a Riddle)


Ebi Robert is a poet from Bayelsa State of Nigeria. He is a poet, playwright, advocate, etc. He is the author of An Empty Kingdom and a contributory author to many international national anthologies.

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