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For every woman, hard at work at being a 'Marilyn Monroe'
by Abigail George
2017-04-21 12:11:51
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For every woman, hard at work at being a ‘Marilyn Monroe’

marylin01She came to me in a dream. This is what
she said in so many words. 'My life so far has been a dream'. She loved music. It was September. Her face was the face of love.
She had ruined all women for men for eternity.
Falling into the rain of a pale September.
Blue peacock feathers. Habitat's mission statement. Nature grows outside on trees. Inside the continent of the ice house she thought she was safe from day. Abandonment. Understanding self. Consciousness.
Skating on the human lake, that thin ice of ego.
She was in a minority. Found herself in the shape of an angel. Before September. She stepped into the light. Pure writing became her. Thank goodness for rituals. Tea and breadcrumbs. She found herself eating skinny.
Skinny roast chicken with the best of them.
Although she worshiped being on her own.
There is always a season of waiting. When we cannot withstand the pressure of innermost depression.
And so, we light up the room. Even silence.
I wanted to remember her the way the world remembered her. The landscape that inspired her exit. She could never be just dust. Ashen.
For all of my life she was a bright star. I would Worship her. Her world washed away my sins. Did she ever find peace?

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John Bernard2017-04-21 13:58:04
I prefer Elizabeth Taylor, thank you very much.

Abigail George2017-04-22 14:16:54
To each his own.

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