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That Brilliant Yellow
by Leah Sellers
2017-04-20 09:05:06
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That Brilliant Yellow
That Brilliant Yellow
When I hold this SunFlower
Into the Blue Sky
Toward its Namesake
sun01_400_04Our Sun
The Artist in me
Wants to Replicate it
Preserve it
But not exactly
I want to Create my version of it
The Brilliant Yellow
I See
I Perceive
How Gazing at it
As I hold it Up
Toward the roiling Sun
Makes me Feel
The Delight and Gratitude I Feel
How Alive I Feel
I Inhale the Green Grass Field
I Stand within and Upon
Filled with windswept, bobbing
Brilliant Yellow SunFlowers
Distant Bird’s Song
Fiddlin’ Crickets
June Bug Flashes
Of oranges and reds
Chittering Squirrels
And snorting Horses
Curiously raising their Noble Heads
I Feel the Earth
And Her vibrant Energies
Under my bare toes
Tickling my bare feet
(Hope there are no Fire Ants around here, anywhere)
No, that warning, worrying
Shot of Thought
Will not spoil
This Moment in Time
I Am Alive
Breathing In
And Absorbing
Brilliant Sunshine
That Brilliant Yellow


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