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Easter, the Season of Phoenix Energies
by Leah Sellers
2017-04-16 10:12:51
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The Easter Season marks, and celebrates, the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
The ancient symbol, legends, myths and stories of the winged Phoenix mark, and celebrate, the Death and Resurrection of Life Cycles. 
phini01_400For example, the Death of certain things in a Human’s Life, which hold a person back from positive growth patterns that need to burned through and out of leaving nothing more than Ashes.  And from those Ashes is ReBorn the Transformed and Rejuvenated Phoenix in all of its elemental glory.
Our Lives are filled with Phoenix Energies - Christ-like Energies.  We embody the ever present Cycles of Life and Death.  The Seasonal changes of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.  No matter how hard we may try to avoid or embrace them.
Easter, is the Season of the Blessed Assurance of Renewed Hope, Faith, Grace, Prayer and Enlightened Reconstruction.
During this Easter what has America contributed to this process worldwide, due to her new leaders ?  Well, Syria was shown Chest Thumping Intimidation of America’s military might, when 59 of our missiles partially mutilated the Syrian airfield (filled with Syrian, Russian and other tribal sympathizers troops) that allowed some of its planes, and people, to carry deadly gas out to other Syrian Civilians to poison them - to suffocate them to death.  An old Ancient Pattern too often repeated involving Death, leading to more Death, leading to more Death.
However, America warned the Russians, who warned the Syrians of our Deadly Intent, and so all were saved the missiles Intimidating Devastation. 
Assad and his cohorts and cronies did not offer or extend that same courtesy to his Civilian population.  And so instead of just destroying a few planes (that the Russians will be paid big bucks to replace - lucky for them that War is such a Profitable Horror - for some, at least) and tearing up some architectural structures, Assad, who is supported by Putin and the Hezbollah, and a few other tribes with a beef or longing to usurp Power, Resources and Land, decided on the out-and-out murder of his own people.  Yes, it all adds up to yet an old tried and true, all too familiar Death Cycle, which is bearing, and has yet to bear even more of, its Rotten to the Core Fruit.
Then Putin starts playing Propaganda Games, which Assad decides to employ as well and accuses America of not really being interested in getting the ugly meaness of ISIS under control, but instead of attacking Syria, and Assad, himself.
So, of course, that false assertion must be proved wrong, and America has a leader steeped within a strategy of continued deflection from his own very serious problems, and who often uses Intimidation as a Tool of enforcement (because that is what Chest Thumpers do). 
Thusly, a little later in the week, a giant bomb called “The Mother of All Bombs”  (which could be seen as a very rude and crude insult to all Planetary Mothers), was flown over to Afghanistan to terrorize and kill approximately 36 Terrorists (some of whom who were supposed to be hiding underground with some of their War Machines, much like some of North Korea’s dispersed troops and War Machines) and scare a bunch of innocent Civilians (and their animal herds) almost to death.
The Mother of All Bombs is supposed to suck the very Breath of Life out of the air, and set the air itself on fire, as a giant mushroom cloud blossoms out of the destruction and smoke.  And the concussion of this Mother of All Bombs also set off an Earthquake felt for miles around.  Oh the wonders of Science put to heinous and disastrous use and abuse.
Another very expensive Death Machine bites the dust, but, of course, America doesn’t have enough money to Serve all of her Citizens Healthcare or her Poor or her Small Businesses or her heavily Indebted Students…etc.
But, no !  No !  America does seem to have plenty to spend on Death Machines, and those who are trained to render such Death upon Others.  Another ancient and very Deadly Pattern on many levels.
And while all of this happening under America’s new Authoritarian CEO Monarch, who calls himself, President (and his Monarchical Family), an Oriental Gentleman was dragged off of an United Airways flight, because he would not give up his booked and paid for seat to an United Airways employee that needed to be located elsewhere in the United States.
While being manhandled by the police, who had been called in by the pilot, the Gentleman, as he was being roughly dragged out of the plane, was injured with a concussion and some damage to his sinuses, and eventually globally humiliated, because his Horrible Moment in Time went viral. 
Just another Death Cycle Action against Common Decency and Morality.  Another example of Elitist Thugism, where their Needs and Greeds are so much greater and mightier than everyone else’s.  Oops !
And then there is a young Congressman, whose name shall go unspoken, who finally attended a Town Hall meeting in his state.  He got irritated with all of the questions about the Republicans and Trump’s mismanagement of so many things, that he told them, “You do not pay my salary with your tax dollars (or something to that very same negative effect)”.
But they do !
He spouted off about his paying more in Taxes every year due to his businesses before he got voted into office by the very people (and more) that he was arguing with, than they paid him to be in Washington D.C., as their Congressman.  And because of that fact, he intimated that he saw what he was doing as Service, because he sure wasn’t making the kind of money in office that he could make with his businesses.  Oops !  Oops !!  Sounds like another Death Cycle of Common Decency and Morality in the making…..
And while Trump plays around with getting rid of the Johnson Law, which disallows political activism or promoting specific political candidates in Church (because many Evangelical Churches have already begun to nudge at or outrightly break that law), the state of Alabama has some Churches that think and feel as though they should have their own Law Enforcement.  Oops !  Oops !!  Oops !!!
Perhaps, the fine Folks of Alabama (and elsewhere) have forgotten that in many instances, these very same Reasonings and UnReasonings were the precursors of the KKK, and other such violent and hate-filled vigilante groups.
Many of Christian Right Wingers fear Terrorists.  They hate ISIS, and other violent hate-filled groups like them.  And because of that Fear, turned toward hate and violence, they do not seem to realize that so-called Religious Law Enforcement and Protection is how almost all Terrorist groups got started.
Yes, that’s right, yet another Death cycle Re-emerging.  And there are many more sticking their ugly heads up here and there and everywhere. 
The World has created, and is supporting in one way or another, too many Chest Thumping Autocrats, all at once, to have to deal with as a Gaggle of Maniacs.  War Mongering Maniacs.  A Death Cycle of Maniacs.
Whew !  Is anybody out there ready for Life Renewing Spring and the Blessedly Reassuring Goodwill, Hope, Faith, Grace, Prayer, and Positive Resurrecting Reconstruction of Easter’s Phoenix Energies ?
Whatever happened to Role Modeling and Exercising Compromising Diplomacy ?  Christ was quite adept at Breathing Life into the Ashes and Renewing Spiritual Energies of the Word and the World !


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