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She Who Has Seen The Firebirds Rising
by David Sparenberg
2017-04-16 10:13:31
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She Who Has Seen The Firebirds Rising

Special thanks to Ursula Chapman who introduced me to the phrase “time of the firebirds rising”.

Woman—you have looked into the seeds and seen the coming.  To one horizon is dark storm, as dark as the heart of hatred ever was, and the dark of pitiless evil is the consuming core.  Heavy and grey that sky: clouds of black like floating boulders and rain that’s the spew of oil.  Between the ebony rolling walls dire tongues of dragon fire, lightning slashes out of acid rain and hope dies before death arrives.

bird01_400To the other horizon: time of the firebirds rising.  Sweet are their songs, sounding light.  Soft as the flutter of butterflies, each song a candle and every candle a singing spire of cosmic light.

Wake up you birds of fire!  Sing to us sweet and clear the singing of the world. and mercy tongues that heal our hearts and souls. 

I tell you this, for she’s the prophetess between us here:  We are creatures of the Earth with Janus heads.  One way we look toward death and darkness.  The opposite is the vision-desire that would be real by our making the tree-dream of maturity reality.

That woman there, with her firebird gown and her firebird mouth and her firebird hair—she’s the diviner, the pathfinder-seer and sweet medicine too.  Her heart is good and her soul, that sings the world, as part of it, like a morning bird, is a soul strong and bright, bold and pure.

She does not declare of this or of that, but tells what her vision is and into the eyes of you, and into the eyes of me, and all who she meets, into eyes she smiles and tells us gentle, deep and truly: “Choose.”


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Abigail George2017-04-16 20:02:29
Love reading your pieces David Sparenberg. 'That woman there, with her firebird gown and her firebird mouth and her firebird hair'. Sometimes that's how I feel. As if I'm a phoenix rising from the ashes. You writing takes me there to those open spaces of vulnerability and I'm sorry I've never left comments before. Artists should know how they touch other people's live with their work. Keep on writing. Don't stop working even when you don't feel inspired! Thank you for what you wrote. You just inspired me!

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