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The two, who have never met
by Gordana Mudri
2017-04-17 10:19:21
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It was the late of the night. One of those nights that grab one's soul; filling the mind with unanswered questions and sorrow. A night that looked like a sharp blade one has to pass, feeling pain and craving for light.
A Hard night. Full of dark demons. Full of doubts and despair.
gord01_400_07There was no one near to give solace, and loneliness had a taste of destruction.

And it was a moment from the subconscious, the last desperate move of a broken being who was trying to survive, that forced the brain to dive into the only available comfort, into the cold vastness of the virtual world.

And it was a sanative coincidence.

They found each other.

And the words started to flow...

One led to another, and thoughts were merging like one in the miraculous dance of discovered soul mates. There were so many feelings, so many stories they could share, as if they experienced them together. Two absolute strangers, but yet so known. Miles apart, but yet so close. Delighted for the other one exists in this mad and twisted world.

Every thought became a wish. Every dream looked possible. And night became light, and life got a purpose.

They flew together, feeding the fairy-tale woven in their needs, lifting each other in the days that have come. Full of hope. Believing in miracles…

But life brought hard battles and defeats brought bitterness and disappointment. Doubts sneaked into their thoughts. And fear prevailed. And words stopped to flow…

Rainy days replaced the sun. Cold winter passed in silence. Dreams faded.

Now they are still walking, each on their own path, fighting their own battles. Miles apart. With little spark buried deep inside; the spark that brought a flame, in the night full of demons, when the loneliness had the taste of destruction. The flame they didn't dare to keep, fearing they will drown each other, not heal each other.

And they will never really know…

She never touched his face. He never kissed her lips.

They remained just two, who have never met.

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Abigail George2017-04-17 12:52:56
The first line of what you have written just caught my eye and this Easter weekend I will make it a point to read what you have written in the past. You have touched my soul.

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