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The Sickening Plots are Thickening
by Leah Sellers
2017-04-13 11:04:35
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Oh, President Trumpty, you and your Trumpian-Bannonite Regime are no longer the Cream of the Crop even to many of your Trump Capped and rallying Ralliers and Cheerleaders.  It appears you have become more like Curdled Milk.  A taste many find hardly worth acquiring any longer (sigh).
brat01_400Poor President Trumpty.  Sir, your Rats are fleeing your leaking, rotten planked ship, and they, like Mike Flynn, your ex-National Security Advisor, “have Stories to tell” as they chase their tails through a labyrinth of Lies, Misdirections, Slights of Hand and good ’ole Flim-Flam Man
Razzle-Dazzles !  Oh my !
And let’s not forget the ex Chairman of your Campaign, Paul Manafort, and all of his allegedly laundered dirty money moving through Russian, Cypress and other Banks globally, because he too is also a Person of Interest. 
Tsk, tsk !  So much to uncover and explore.  So much to gather and See !
With sweaty brow and wringing small hands you’ll soon face the Public, you always seek so much inspiring and admiring Applause and Acclaim from, with the Truth and no more twisting and turning Lies and Alibis.
No more Lies made to appear as deflecting, bright, and shiny misleading Truths,  They, too, were rotten to the core just like the rotten planks within your leaking ship.  Things like that have a tendency to catch up with you in one way or another, no matter how much money you have to pay off this person or blackmail that person with.  Oh well !
Mike Flynn is requesting Immunity from probable Crimes yet to be revealed by his lips, but his chips and yours (and who elses’) will fall as they may, when Flynny Boy points his bone chilling Blaming Finger this-a-way and that-a-way and that-a-way and this-a-way !
What a dizzying Experience this Circus will be !  What a dizzying Experience you and your Trumpian-Bannonite, CEO Authoritarian, Monarchical Regime have been.
Putin must be so proud of you.  You and your 1%er Cabinet, cronies and cohorts and Ragin’ Red Elephantine Republicans have been having one harrumphing good time trying to dismantle, and actually on occasion unraveling, as many American Value Institutions, Laws and Socially and Planetary Protective Regulations as you can.  One right after another, that you hold up for all the Press and America to behold after you sign them out of existence.  What a busy, destructive, Stinging Bee you have been !  But watch out for the Venus Fly (and occasional Bee) Traps your buzzing toward these days, because the sticky juices of many a Sickening Plot is 'a-Thickening !
But Putin will be there to catch you when all of the Hearings and Investigations are done.  Right ?  He’ll greet you with Open Arms and a cool Smile, Comrade Trumpty.  He’s a billionaire Oligarch who, like you, is always ready to Make a Deal.  And Vlad will be glad to offer you a big glass of crystal clear vodka.  Good thing, too, because it looks as though you’re going to need it.


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Emanuel Paparella2017-04-13 11:29:36
If it wasn't so hilarious one would have to cry! Caligula might have been deranged but he was also clever, by half, when he figured that to keep the people on one's side one had to keep them well amused with reality shows and gladiator games galore. Had TV been around then, he would have put one on as "Praetorian Guards' Apprenticeship."

But in a circus, the best comes at the end, when the lions and the tigers come out with the clown.

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