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Whose Murder is Murderin' Who ?!
by Leah Sellers
2017-04-09 11:25:00
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Jack-o and Zack-o Crows are Cousins from the same close-knit Murder of Crows.  They grew up together and kept close tabs on one another’s Murder Members.  Their Murders played together, hunted and gathered together, nested in the same territorial zones, and just loved to gossip about the local Crow going’s-on and the Human Bein’s in their neck of the woods.
“Good mornin’ , Jack-o !”
“Good mornin’ , Zack-o !”
“Have you heard the Word, Jack-o ?”
“No, I was busy with flight training the fledglings earlier this mornin’.  Didn’t have time to catch up on any of the local gossip.  Why, what’s up ?”  Jack-o inquired.
tomah01_400“That new President of the United States territories, Donald Trump, just gave the go ahead for a missile assault against what the American Human Bein’s call a Brutal Syrian Dictator Assad.  The Heart of the Islamic Rhinoceros by air and by map,”  Zack-o explained.
“Our relatives over there have given the Sea Gulls and Albatrosses of the Strait of Hormuz, and then the Sea Birds of the Atlantic and Pacific the Word to pass on to our Murders, and some other Birds Nests along the way,”  Zack-o continued.
“Yep, our Bird Ancestors have done that since time in memorial, Zack-o.  We Crows, and our Raven relatives, in particular, have always been good at gettin’ the local, national and world news.  Gotta’ keep an eye on these Human Bein’s,”  Jack-o clicked his tongue in warning.  “ ’Cause they can be very explosive and destructive creatures.  They are capable of great goods and some really terrible bads.”
“Well, the Human Bein’ populations are busy talkin’-up what President Trump did with those 59 flyin’ missiles, when he launched them at an Air Base full of Syrian and Russian Human Bein’s yesterday,”  Zack-o said hurriedly.
“Funny though, the American Human Bein’s called the Russian Human Bein’s and told them to high-tail it outta’ there.  And then the Russian Human Bein’s called the Syrian Human Bein’s and warned them about the oncoming missiles,”  Zack-o mused.
“It appears that Air Machines from that Air Base dropped off some really terrible chemicals on a bunch of other Human Bein’s, called Syrian Civilians, that this Brutal Syrian Dictator Assad has been murderin‘ off by the millions.  Just imagine that, Jack-o.  That Human Bein’ has been murderin’ his very own Human Bein’s that he rules the roost over !  And someone took pictures of all of the Fledglings slowly bein’ suffocated by the terrible chemicals dropped by what some Human Bein‘s who were there said was a Russian made Air Machine,”  Zack-o said excitedly.
“Well, it appears that the horrible pictures of all of the dyin’ Fledglin’s made President Trump so sad, and then mad, that within a matter of hours he decided on what the Human Bein’s are callin’ a Limited, but meaningful Strike, against the Brutal Syrian Dictator Assad.  They gave him a Come Uppence !”  Zack-o exclaimed.
“But Zack-o, all of the Human Bein’ Weapons of Destruction are made up of Chemicals.  They are all Chemically based and made to murder other Human Bein’s, and all other creatures Great and Small, for that matter,”  Jack-o said sardonically.
“I once saw a couple of Human Bein’s stand in the middle of a field full of feedin’ and relaxin’ Crows, and without provocation they began to mow the Crows down with some kind of fast bullet spittin’ War Machine, called a Machine Gun, for no apparent reason at all,”  Jack-o sadly recalled.
“They laughed and hooted the whole time they were murderin’ several Murders of Crows.  Some of ’em were our relatives.  It was the strangest Brutal Murderin’ escapade I have ever witnessed,”  Jack-o admitted. 
“But that’s the way some Huamn Bein’s are, Zack-o.  They just surely do enjoy murderin’ other livin’ creatures just for the pure joy of murderin’.  Some Human Bein‘s admit that they think it makes them feel All Powerful to kill somethin‘.”
“Yep, I know what you mean, Jack-o, “ Zack-o agreed.  “Human Bein’s can be a really tricky bunch of creatures to have to deal with.”
“But don’t you find it odd that in the Human Bein’ World that when they decide to have these things they call Wars, that it is always the Soldiers and Civilians that get tortured, brutalized, damaged, bankrupted and murdered, and not the Leaders who bring about the Wars in the first place ?”  Zack-o asked.
“Yep, I sure do.”  Jack-o said.  “And now they have all of these flyin’ Murder Machines called Drones.  And if you ask me, they’re just as dangerous as these flyin’ missiles the Human Bein’s are so fond of slingin’ around in the air at one another.”
“Yep, the Human Bein’s will argue all day and all night long on how those little pieces of paper they call Money are to be consumed for all of their Healthcare or Social Nest Services for one another,”  Zack-o said.  “But when it comes to really expensive War Machine Makin’ and Wars, they’ll throw their pieces of Money around like candy to just a handful of folks who own the War Machine Makin’ Nests, and the murderin’ of their own Fledglings they call Soldiers.”
“Yep, and I’ve heard some Human Bein’s say that American Fledglings have been used as the paid Mercenaries of many ’a Corporate interest in their most recent Wars,”  Jack-o announced.  “The Human Bein’s surely can be a manipulative bunch of creatures.  Gotta’ keep wary Eyes on ‘em all of the time, if you ask me.”
“Well, some of the Crows with the most recent news, think it mighty strange that a very unpopular President, who has been very busy unravelin’ what they call the Middle Class’s and Poor Human Bein’s Social Safety Nests, while plumpin’ up the Nests of the Rich and the Famous, and these Corporations you were talkin’ about, is all of a sudden given an opportunity to make himself more popular by launchin’ these Murder Machines called Missiles in order to teach the Brutal Syrian Dictator Assad a lesson of some kind regardin’ his usin’ Chemical Gas on his very own Human Bein’s,”  Zack-o said seriously.
“Human Bein’s are a crazy bunch of creatures, if you ask me,”  Jack-o said matter-of-factly.
“You’ll get no argument from me, Zack-o.”
“And they keep talkin’ about how Aggression is a bad thing.  That Wars are very Aggressive,”  Jack-o said.  “But if you ask me, it is just as Aggressive to take away Healthcare and other Social Nest Services from other Human Bein’s, because they all need it, just like we do, when we get a bruised wing or a scraped bum from a bad landing’.
“Yep, don’t know what we’d all do without “Ole Granny-Loo’s healin’ skills in our Murder of Crows,”  Zack-o agreed.  “I can’t imagine her turnin’ any Crow away just because they could not give her Money or Worms to consume.”
“I agree, whole-heartedly with you, Zack-o.  It would never occur to her to turn any Crow away who needed healin’.
“And it would never occur to any Crow to unravel the Social Safety Nests that keep us all Healthy, Content and Productive.  Never !”  Jack-o exclaimed.
“Let me tell you more about this Missile Strike against the Brutal Syrian Dictator Assad, Jack-o.”
“They say that some Human Bein’s called the Russians and the Iranians are helpin’ him hang onto his Royal Nest against some other Human Bein’s called ISIS, and Al Qaeda, and Hezbollah, and Kurds, and Turks and a bunch of other Human Bein’ Murders,”  Zack-o relayed.
“But, some of our relatives also very strongly suspect that certain ISIS, and Al Qaeda, and Hezbollah, and Turks are helpin’ to keep the Brutal Syrian Dictator Assad in power, because it benefits their Causes and Interests,”  Zack-o said in a whisper.  “  Cousin Fred-o says that they’re all horse tradin’ with one another.  And it all adds up to No Good for the Americans, and the rest of the World.”
“Why are you whisperin, Zack-o ?  There’s nobody here but us two Crows.”
“Well, because they’re workin’ against the American Human Bein‘s.  But some American Human Bein’s might even be drivin’ the Americans toward what some of ’em  call Armageddon’s World War III, because they want President Trump to be popular while they are dismantlin’ the Institutions and Moral Values and Ideals that hold America’s Democracy together.”
“That a great big War is a good distraction, and can also help to get some things done with a stubborn and unruly Nest, that they want to get done, without their permission or their knowledge,”  Zack-o continued to whisper confidentially.
“Some of our Relatives think it mighty odd that the Human Bein’ called Kushner had a nice long visit with the Iraqis around the same time that the Chemical Gases were released on the Syrian Fledglings and their Nesting murder members,”  Zack-o confided.
“Maybe yes, maybe no on that one, Zack-o.  But it does appear that the American Human Bein’s may be, bein’ manipulated by lots of different groups all working loosely with one another from time to time when it suits their needs,”  Jack-o said in a low gravelly drawling caw.

“Yep, instead of havin’ the American Human Bein’s focus on what needs to be Fixed and Done within their own Nests, they are once again gettin’ drawn into the murder of their own Fledglings and Murder Members, and the wastin’ of their Nestin’ Treasure for a War the Human Bein’s of the Middle East should be handlin’ with their own Fledglings, Murder Members and Nestin’ Treasures,”  Zack-o said irritated.
“Yep, Zack-o.  Once again the Americans are bein’ used as Mercenaries, while makin’ a handful of War Mongers and World Leaders, and their cacklin’ cronies and cohorts wealthy with Money to Consume and burn right out of their very own Middle Class’s and Poor’s Feathered Nests,”  Jack-o said.
“It’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard of.  And yet the Human Bein’s just keep on repeatin’ the same ’ole Crazy Patterns that get them into this very same Mess, time after time,”  Jack-o said as he preened his right wing.
“I enjoy playin’ a prank, and playin’ around as much as the next Crow does.  But the Games these Human Bein’s play with one another for this thing they call Power and Control and Money is a very dangerous and deadly one,”  Jack-o said as he preened his tail feathers.
“And Cousin Fred-o said that the Russian Human Bein’s were already mad and meddlin’ with the American Human Bein’s anyway.  Because of somethin’ they call Elections and Cyber Wars.  And that some of the Russian Huamn Bein’s were really tired of the way the Russian Murder Dictator Putin was bein’ brought out into the spotlight as a Murderer by gettin’ other Russian Murderers to murder with a Murder Machine called a Gun, and by Poisonin’ what some Russian Human Bein’s feed on or drink, just because certain Human Bein’s didn’t like Putin, and were speakin’ out against him, and for a true Democracy,”  Zack-o whispered once again.  “Is that confusin’ or what ?!
“And then, the Syrian Huamn Bein‘s, who are bein’ helped by the Russian Human Bein’s turn around and Poison their very own Fledglings and other Syrian Murder Members as well,”  Zack-o continued.
“Seems to me that they are all mighty fond of their Poisonin’ Chemicals of all kinds, and do not really care about any of their Murder Members lives other their Own, that is, if you ask me,”  Jack-o chimed in.
“And Cousin Fred-o also mentioned another mean-spirited and impulsive Human Bein’ from the North Korean Murder Nest called Kim Jong Un,”  Zack-o said raucously.
“Cousin Fred-o says that he is also very fond of missiles, and is longin’ to use somethin’ they call a Nuclear Missile on America and the rest of the World as a show of Power and Control, because it is very important to Kim Jong Un to have Power and Control as well as every other Human Bein’ flingin’ all of their chemically based missiles all around the planet,”  Zack-o trilled and cawed quietly.
“Ha !”  Jack-o guffawed outright.  “And so President Trump lets loose 59 deadly chemical missiles into the air to blow-up an Air Base in Syria within hours after watchin’ a bunch of horrible pictures showin’ a Murder of murdered Syrian Fledglings just to teach the Brutal Syrian Dictator Assad a lesson, and Kim Jong Un how it’s Impulsively done ?!”
“And all the while Trump was hostin’, and winin’ and dinin’ an important Chinese dignitary that he wants to help him keep this Kim Jong Un under wraps and in check for the rest of the World,”  Zack-o snorted.
“One Impulsive Leader trainin’ another Enemy Impulsive Leader how to Be destructively Impulsive ?!  Jack-o chortled. “ And the while this President Trump gains in popularity amongst his own Murder Members, because of his Deadly Aggression and Show of Deadly Force against the Brutal Syrian Dictator Assad.  Doin’ the very thing he doesn’t want this Kim Jong Un to do to the South Koreans and the Japanese, and whoever else he can think
of !”
“I know.  I know.  It all sounds crazy.  But that’s the way the Human Bein’s run things, Jack-o !”
“I don’t know about you, Zack-o, but I’ve had enough of this talk about Human Bein’s and they’re nonsensical goin’s-on for a while,”  Jack-o said candidly.
“How about you and me head on down by the creek and join our other Murder Nest Members for a nice, cool bath.”
“Ha !”  Zack-o laughed aloud.  “After all of this talk of poisonous chemicals and Human Bein’ Murder Machines and murderous Power and Control and Money Game playin’, I’m ready for a bath.  In fact, I’m ready for total immersion !”
And off the two Crow Cousins flew together in search of their own Murder Nest Members for some Water Play and a Cleansing Baptism.


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