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For a sister in faraway Johannesburg
by Abigail George
2017-04-09 11:24:26
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For a sister in faraway Johannesburg

Look at this, handsome stranger.
Look at what I have in my hands.

night01_400The dull flame of desire. This enchantment of wildflowers.
Jean Rhys’ Dominica and her mocking

Purple sea and remember this. That children go together with the
long, tired spells of shadows on

the beach. Children go especially with the gull
that meets the Mediterranean-blue

mirror of the sky at the end of the
world. Where the clouds meet sleeping

walls of light. So, filled with light that it nourishes the soul.
Look, look what I have in my hands.

The sun, the sun. The radiant sun.
Come, come, let it nourish our souls.

Abigail George has two books in the Ovi Bookshelves,
"All about my mother" & "Brother Wolf and Sister Wren"
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