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Red Blanket
by David Sparenberg
2017-04-02 10:59:51
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Red Blanket

Earth is on fire.
Who are the terrorists
causing Earth’s conflagration?
fire01_400_05Wasn’t that you and I
seen in a vision?
Together we prayer-dance
for the mercy of water.
I am a witness
in the advocacy of action.
You are a witness
opposing crimes of silence.
Brother and sister
we circle together
in this prayer-dance of peace.
Earth is on fire.
Earth—not abstruction, not object
not a far away planet:
the mothering-sphere here
and now
of grass and ground
of air and water.
Who are the terrorists
who bring about
Earth’s anguished conflagration?
Wasn’t that you and I
my brother, my sister
being beheld in
sacred vision: vision
of the rainbow warrior?
Time of the Great Cry
resounds deep inside us!
Show to all relations;
weavers firefighting
in the burning
web of life;
the medicine bundle
of quiet rain
of sweet healing.
Sharing through generations
the red blanket
prayer-dance of salvation.
Red blanket  drumbeat:
this heartbeat of peace.


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