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Ma and Pa Mockingbird on the Niceties of Kindness
by Leah Sellers
2017-03-30 12:21:51
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Ma and Pa Mockingbird were out pickin’-and-a-peckin’ up their lunchtime grubs and grasshoppers at the local park’s jogging trail.
Pa, almost full, raised his proud head and queried,  “Ma, yesterday at the General Store, I overheard the ‘ole Domino Gang discussin’ the Niceties of bein’ Nice and Kind.”
“That sounds like the first worthy conversation those ‘ole Human coots have had in far too long ’a time, Pa,”  Ma Mockingbird chuckled.
Pa Mockingbird smiled as he preened his feathers absent mindedly.  “You do have a point, Ma, but I found this particular conversation most enlightenin’”
“Enlightenin’ ?  How so, Pa,”  Ma Mockingbird asked as she grappled with a rather lively small grasshopper.  Her favorite repast.
“Well, they were sayin’ that most Humans who Choose to be Nice do so because they are Kind.”
“But, you do realize that is not always so, don’t you, Pa ?”  asked Ma Mockingbird.
“Yes, I agree with you, Ma,”  acknowledged Pa Mockingbird.  “That’s not always true.  Remember that ’ole black-hearted Barn Rat who was only Kind when he wanted to take things away from others or felt slighted by one Barn Animal or another, in one petty way or another, and so was Nice to that Animal while plotting his revenge and setting them at ease.   And then,
Ka-pow !  First chance that mean ’ole Rat got or first Trap he could set, he did the Unsuspectin’ Ninny in !”
kind01“Who could ever forget that dastardly varmint, Pa ?”  Ma Mockingbird replied seriously.
“ Nice, can be Dishonest, Pa,”  Ma Mockingbird said sadly.  “Can hide terrible hearts filled with terrible roiling deeds done and yet to be done.  Terrible hearts and minds of darkness foolin’ others with smooth exteriors, glitter, glitz and false promises.”
“But for most Folks, Nice is as Nice does, because most Folks are truly Kind.  They truly want what’s best for others, just as they want what’s best for themselves,”  Ma Mockingbird continued.
“Most Folks, Human and otherwise, would rather go through Life spreadin’ Good Vibrations and Ripple Effects.  Deeds of Kindness that help to Make the World a better place for Everyone,”  Ma Mockingbird chirped heartily.
Pa Mockingbird was already sidetracked by another grasshopper hiding under a leaf in the middle of the jogging trail.  As he hopped around the leaf and tried to peck the grasshopper out from under it, Ma Mockingbird saw a Human Being bearing down on Pa Mockingbird and the hidden grasshopper fast.
“Pa !  Pa !  Quick !  Hop over to side of the trail.  There’s a Human Bein’ headin’ straight for you !”
Pa Mockingbird quickly joined Ma Mockingbird on the side of jogging path just in time.  The Human Jogger zoomed by them, stepping down hard on the leaf hiding the grasshopper.
“My grasshopper !”  squawked Pa Mockingbird, as he hopped up and down in exasperation.
As the Human Jogger lifted his foot, the leaf dropped down to the jogging trail, but the squashed grasshopper stayed put.
Pa and Ma Mockingbird watched in silence as the Human Jogger disappeared around the bend of the jogging trail with Pa Mockingbird’s grasshopper underfoot.
“Dad gum it !  That was not a very Nice thing for that Human Bein’ to do.  He’s run off with what would have been the best part of my lunch !”  Pa Mockingbird complained as he hopped agitatedly around and ruffled and unruffled his feathers in frustration.
“Well, it might not have been very Nice, Pa,”  Ma Mockingbird said pertly.  “But your grasshopper bit the dust, so to speak, quickly.  And there are some that would call that a Kindness.”
Pa Mockingbird blinked wordlessly at Ma Mockingbird.
“Come on, Pa.  Let’s fly on down to the creek side.  I spotted a few Hoppers down there on our way over here earlier this mornin’,” Ma Mockingbird cajoled.
“Now, are you just bein’ Nice or are you offerin’ me a Kindness, Ma ?”  Pa Mockingbird queried as they took flight toward the creek.
“Why, Pa, I am bein’ both Nice and Kind, because ornery as you are, I love you to the very core of my grasshopper lovin’ gullet,”  Ma Mockingbird proclaimed.
“Aw, Ma, I have only have eyes for you,”  Pa Mockingbird declared.
Ma Mockingbird laughed.  “Ha !  For me and any other juicy grasshopper you might happen to see buzz by.”
“Well, that may be, but I see havin’ you in my Nest as both one of my Life’s greatest Niceties and Kindnesses,”  Pa Mockingbird admitted.
“Looky, down to your right, Pa !”  Ma Mockingbird said suddenly.  “A whole passle of grasshoppers under that bush close to creek down below !”
“I’m right beside you, Ma !  Right beside you !”  Pa Mockingbird trilled with glee, as the two Mockingbirds bore down upon their next noontime meal of the day. 
A day that had turned out to be filled with unexpected Niceties and Kindnesses of all shapes and forms.



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