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Get With the Conservative Program!
by Leah Sellers
2017-03-17 09:39:15
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Representative Buy-in Pea-brain cleared his throat loudly in order to bring the disorderly room to order.  Raising his big hands above his head, smiling, he said,  “Ladies and gentlemen, Ladies and gentlemen.  The Republicans are finally willing to unveil the Conservative Way to Healthcare.”
“Now, please remember, Conservatives are more interested in saving Money than we are guaranteeing every American Affordable Healthcare.  And that is the foundational tenet all of our work on Conservative American Healthcare is based on.”
heal01_400“Yes, yes, let us Conserve you.  Let us preserve our Conservative pact with the Mega Medical Corporations, the Insurance Corporations. the Pharmaceutical Corporations and Banking Corporations who all give us donations, heartily lobby and bribe us under, around, and sometimes over the table full ownership and run of you, and your puny, unimportant lives.  What’s important is that they earn high Profits for their Shareholders.  And sick and diseased carcasses are costly to keep to keep alive.  We only want those who can Afford to pay the exorbitant Prices they want to earn..”
“It’s simple and classic Predatory Fecal-nomics.  Er….excuse me, I mean Economics.”
“Oh sure, sure, we’ll always leave the doors open to everyone by saying that Medical Insurance and Healthcare is Accessible to everyone.  But all of you know what the real Truth is.  And if you don’t.  Well, you need to Get With the Conservative Program !  Because we are the ones in power now !  We are the Head Honchos !”
“Healthcare is not a Right.  It is a privilege for those who can pay the compertive Prices the Medical Insurance Companies. and all of the other Corporations involved. want you to Pay.  We do not see you as Patients in need of Healing.  In need of Care.  We see you as Customers and Litigants, and if you want our product, you must pay our competitive High Prices.”
“Let us Conserve you.  Let us Serve you as Cons.  Yes, allow us to Con you out of the Affordable Care Acts’ ambitious End Game of Universal Healthcare for One and All !  That is how all of us die-hard, hard hearted Conservatives can truly Serve you !”
Healthcare is not a squishy Human Right !  It is a Luxury !  With luxurious costs for all of us, and the Medical Corporations Benefiting from our new Rules (which are actually the return of the old Predatory Fecal-nomic cruel Rules, I mean Economic Rules) as we take your existing Healthcare away from you instead of fixing the flaws in Obamacare which already has so many millions of you so foolishly insured.”
“Yes, we are Repealing Obamacare.  Then maybe we’ll get around to Replacing it with God knows what.  But whatever it is it will be a real Money Earner and Pocketbook Burner.  And that is a Guarantee we are willing to make to our constituents.”
“So, what are some you complaining about ?  This is what you voted we Conservatives into office to do.  To Repeal The Affordable Care Act.  So, Get With the Conservative Program !”
“Business is Business !  Cha-Ching !!  Body Parts are Body Parts !  Cha-Ching !!  Conservative Medical Care is all about Caring for our, and our Medical Corporations donors bottom dollars - not yours !  Most of you are Bottom-Dwellers as far as we Top of the Pyramid Scheme Builders can see ! 
So, Get With the Conservative Program !”
“Get in line !  Buck it up !  Get on our Bus or get run over by it.  But we are leaving and Repealing the Obamacare Station of Healthcare !”
“Yes, as Conservatives we will characteristically put our Great Nation into trillions of dollars of debt gleefully over our Military Killing Machines, Drones, Robotics and maneuverable Military Human Beings.  But when it comes to Saving Lives and giving everyone equal footing regarding a Good Quality of Life nationwide.  Forget it !  We follow the Profits !”
“What ?  What do you mean, when you ask if we have our Priorities screwed up ?  Heck no !  Just ask our Fecal-economic. I mean Economic Actuaries.  Just ask our Medical/Insurance/Pharmaceutical/Banking Corporations
Donors and supporters ?” 
“Death is Cheaper than Life.  Although even Funerary costs have gotten pretty Pricey these days. But War brings Death.  It’s a culling process Humans go through every now and then, because we refuse to learn from past Mis-takes, we prefer being Conservatively small-minded, Compassionless, Money Grubbers and Power Mongers.”
“So, yes, truthfully, for those of you who cannot Pay the High Prices charged within our competitive, free-wheeling and dealing American Medical Systems your Deaths have more meaning within our Conservative Ideology, to all of us Top of the Pyramid Scheme Dwellers than keeping all of you Healthy, Happy and Productive for a longer number of years.”
“We will Repeal it all !  There will be Medicre cuts and an end to Medicaid Expansion, and eventually to Medicaid altogther !  We will be eliminating Employer and Individual Mandates.  All of the Obamacare fees and taxes.  We will eliminate Planned Parenthood, by giving all of their monies to each state’s Community Centers. We will end the Tax Aids and Subsidies for the Middle Class, Working Poor and Poor.  Those Subsidies and Tax Aids will go to the Wealthy and to the Business Owners !”
“Yes, we live in a Conservative Trickle-down Fecal-onomy, I mean
Economy !  And it is all coming rolling down on you. because Our View is the View of We the Few, not We the Many !  So, Get With the Conservative Program !”


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