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Words Defining Soul's Perceptions
by David Sparenberg
2017-03-12 12:10:21
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Beauty: Beauty is a verb.  Beauty is a way of being in self and being in the world.  Beauty is elegant, fierce, eloquent, sensual, sublime, charismatic, dignity-bestowing, demure and vital.  Beauty is a vital verb.  It works on the senses, lights up nerves, deepens soul.  Beauty: into eyes, into ears, on lips, the skin, the heart racing with amazement and excitement.  The heartbeat of being alive.

dancs01_400Beauty can be in a statue while it is not of itself a statue—not dense and not static.  Composure is not static.  Multi-layers are not density.

There are acts of beauty which are ways of doing what is right.  Right for the desire of life.  Right for moral direction.  Right for natural balance.  For diversity.  Right for Earth.

Beauty is thereby righteous and champions both Eros and justice.  The way of beauty is a mystery and we are too down into the marrow to be objective.  When it is pure and uncorrupted by false values and exploitation, beauty is healing: beauty by being beautiful bestows blessings.

Beauty is a glow-verb; beauty, a grow-verb.  Verb of infants. Verb of mothers. Verb of children.  Verb of creation.  Beauty is the dynamo that feeds life, that leads life on into the sublime, the laughter and lacerations and the sorrow; the tragedy, the comedy, the cruel, brutal crucifixion, the giddiness, and sweet, miraculous resurrections: the enchantment of love.

Liberation: Liberation is a verb.  Liberation is a way of being with self and being in the world.  Liberation unfolds.  It unfolds secrets.  It unfolds truth.  The process of being free from crime and out of bondage to degrees of death; from limitations on sight and voice,  on thought and feeling, on experiencing the desire of life questing toward democracy, toward completion.  Liberation is all of that heat.  Liberation is cooking up all of this soup.

Liberation is the process through soft days of contemplation and through storms of creativity,  rebellion, discovery.  Surging to break the hold of exclusion, separation, of isolation, liberation is a verb of perception.  A verb of re-membering, evolution, cultivation and connection.

Liberation: liberation is a way: the multi-verse of conjoining and the universe of “all relations.”  Liberation you might picture as a gestalt journey with both intimate and cosmic pathways.  You might picture it as a rough, wild, mystic, refining, Mandala Dance.  The  Mandala democratizes dignity, decency, and sets the body and the mind, the senses, emotions and “hidden treasures” of soul free to spontaneously enter in with the Vertical of All, in reverence and with respect. 

Vision: Vision is a verb.  Vision is a way of being with self and being in the world.  A presence given by Spirit to soul, to awaken power, a truth-force, a far-seeing; given to one for sharing with myriads.  Vision emerges out of darkness to deliver light.  It comes on in travail and goes forth in glory.  At inception vision is personal;  in time, vision becomes common ground.

Without the soulful, spirit-verb of vision we might no longer be who we are.  Without the communal verb of vision, we may no longer survive.  We may fail to be endowed with the identity of being human.

Peace:  People delight in saying that peace is sexy.  That is how people hope to make peace sound exciting.  But peace is exciting, the most unexplored adventure.  Peace is sexy, the most transporting, transforming romance. Peace, goddess of dreams, is a sexy verb.  The peace-verb is a way of being in self and a way of being in the world.  And a way of being true to self and real with the world.

Of course peace is not without struggle, not without contradictions and certainly not without acknowledging differences and grievances and tensions.  While yet embracing diversity!

Peace is a pledge not to resort to hatred, to persecution, oppression, violence, false witness, mayhem, enslavement, and not to war.

But peace is not an absence of negatives only.  Peace is a positive of possibilities.  Peace is the verb of invitation, inviting persons and generations to arrive together at the round table of dialogue.  To come into the circle of changes, to hallow space and time, and to sing the world.

When I consider peace, I turn to poetry.  Poetry is the art of the peacemaker and the diplomacy of the rainbow warrior.  Poetry is the medium that walks through the labyrinth into the chambered nautilus of the Council of All Being, accompanied by friendship and by truth.  There is the echo chamber of peace!  Here is the poem that comes to me now: the peace-verb pointing toward action. 

Listen!  Listening is a verb.  Listening is a kindling of respectful fire.  It starts in the still inner forest, touches, then lights the horizon with hope and the colors of the sun.

Here: Gestalt of the Dialogue

We cannot talk about greening
without talking about peace
We cannot talk about peace
without talking about justice
We cannot talk about justice
without addressing injustice
We cannot speak of injustice with integrity
without talking about the problems of injustice
such as race and poverty, exploitation, execution
and systemic abuse

We cannot talk about big problems
without talking about indifference to suffering
We cannot talk about indifference to suffering
without examining the labyrinth of violence
We cannot speak of violence
without talking about hatred
We cannot talk about hatred
without talking about fear
We cannot talk about fear
without revealing the mutuality of vulnerability
and the over shadowed condition of relatedness

We cannot talk about greening this planet
without talking about egocentricity and greed
We cannot speak honestly of our awareness
without acknowledging the bitter fruit of ignorance
without recognizing the healing significance of humility
without compassion’s contending against arrogance

No talking of self
without talking with otherness
No speaking of where we should be
without embracing where we are
No words about the play in progress on the global stage
without coming to terms with the village players
No emotional exchanges with the cast members
without an emotional attachment to the playing field

No meeting here with our masks on
no falling into the fatality of silence
For it is paramount that we speak of greening
and short of extinction
that we talk of peace.


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