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Trump's First Address to Congress and the 900 Pound Bear in the Hall
by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
2017-03-04 10:45:43
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President Trump’s first address to Congress lasted about an hour. He must have uttered some 5000 words, but not even one of those words was Russia. Not one minute was devoted to the successful enterprise of one of the main adversaries of democracy and stability in the world to undermine American democracy. The bear was there in the room, all right, but somehow nobody could see it.

And yet, it is common knowledge that Trump has been promising, for months now, a friendlier new approach to Russia. The ties between Russia and his team have been well established, to wit the resignation of national security adviser Michael Flynn. Moreover, the FBI intelligence community has established that Vladimir Putin’s government has interfered in the US elections. One would think that those realities, albeit still under investigation and in need of interpretation, would have warranted a couple of minutes of a President’s speech to Congress.

Not so, the whole affair continues to be treated, even by some geo-political pundits and experts, as “fake news” or “fake cold wars.”

Consider this: Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), who is chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and the head of the House investigation into Russia, has recently participated in a White House led effort to demolish as New York Times story which asserts that the Trump campaign had contacts with Russian intelligence. Rather than remaining an impartial arbiter, he has already taken sides by declaring Flynn “an American hero, doing his job.” He also declared that “there is no evidence of anything.” In other words, it’s all fake. He also became defending lawyer for Trump and Flynn offering an alibi: “they were so busy that Trump couldn’t have possibly directed Flynn to call the Russian ambassador to talk about sanctions.” He also has made clear that so far he detects no serious crime in this whole matter.

This is eerily strange: the reason for any investigation is to determine whether crimes have been committed; one does not start an investigation if one has definite proofs that no crime has been committed. One does not get the feeling that an impartial investigation is about to be conducted.

One begins to suspect collusion and cover up. The suspicion increases when one considers that Nunes served on Trump’s transition committee, and has claimed executive privilege which exempt him from examining discussions between Trump and Flynn. He has also supported the notion that the real scandal is not the contacts with Russia but the unauthorized leaks about the contacts. That logically means that there were contacts of sorts.

Not a partisan Democrat, but a former Republican president George W. Bush, has told NBC that “we all need answers” on this issue. But the congressional Republicans continue to parade their partiality unashamedly. Compare that the seven congressional committees during the previous administration which issued eight reports on the Benghazi affair spending millions of taxpayers money, and all arriving at the same conclusions. Where are all those zealous investigators now? Nowhere to be found.

To the contrary, what we have now is the White House pressuring the FBI and senior intelligence officials to debunk any allegation against Trump. As Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), chairman of the House Oversight Committee, has declared, there is no need to probe the Flynn affair because “it’s taking care of itself” and he will not personally target the president.

To use a Trump favored word: the pressure not to probe too long and too deep must be “tremendous.” There is also a favorite metaphor which applies to many of the sycophants surrounding this presidency which I have dubbed “the Caligula presidency”: that of the foxes guarding the chicken coops. 


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