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Declaration of Independence
by David Sparenberg
2017-03-06 09:10:01
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People! People! People!  Do not be consoled.  Do not start saying to yourselves, This May Be the bastards’ last stand.  Rather, let us tell one another, THIS IS IT!  The criminalization of Earth and Humanity will no longer be tolerated because it is intolerable. 

sun01_400_03No need to renew the arms race.  There will never be a nuclear holocaust.  Earth’s people are done with being dragged into war by a profiteering elite.  No longer will corporate power rule above the Power of the People.  No walls built to hatred and fear.  No walls against race and gender.

I am a white man who does not belong to the 1%.  I am a white man who did not vote for Donald Trump.  I am a human being living in the Sanctuary City of Seattle, Washington.  A medicine elder of Rainbow Warriors.

When those who are against the Will of the People demand to know what we are doing, tell them: We are practicing sanity.  Tell them: We are participating in love.

This is not only the Age of Extinctions, it is also the Time of Awareness.

When those who are against the Will of the People demand to know what we are doing, tell them: We are rehearsing the Great Performance.  When they are agitated and demand that you divulge what is the Great Performance say to them, The Birth of Democracy.  Tell them, THIS IS REVOLUTION!  Invite everyone to join in.  Encourage all to be outraged and outrageous.

Corn growing in non-toxic soil is outrageous.  Clean drinking water for all is outrageous.  A child of color free from fear of alternative facts is outrageous.


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Emanuel Paparella2017-03-06 16:11:54
Indeed, David. When Ignazio Silone spoke of a conspiracy of hope going beyond political socialism, or even national frontiers, he was accused of disloyalty to Communism by those with a Machiavellian mind-set whose only interest is in the political-economic kingdom of this world and who continue to ask Pilate’s proverbial question “What is Truth?” I predict that you and those who agree with you (as I do) will now be branded as disloyal Americans and subversive, out to secede from the Union and promote subversion. And then they will repeat Pilate’s question: “What is Truth?” As Cicero put it: o tempora, o mores.

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