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by David Sparenberg
2017-02-28 10:39:53
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I am witness to this.  I saw it with my eyes.  I heard it with my ears.  I felt it as it happened.

mystic01_400_02A Teiresias-blindman stood on the corner of a busy downtown street, calling out to discomforted pedestrians.  He kept saying, “I am the revolution in waiting.  I am the revolution that needs to be.

“I am the revolution.  My voice is the cry of the Earth.  My passion is the agony of creation.

“You do not see me here at the center of our world because you are blinder than I am.  You do not hear or feel me, because you have allowed your souls to be small and shallow puddles.

“Big dogs lap up your small, shallow puddles.  Big dogs piss into your small, shallow souls.

“You are helpless because you believe it is polite to be helpless.  But your small souls grow smaller and smaller.  Your shallow souls are ever more poisoned by the acid of contempt!”

I heard him, in the concrete wilderness, calling out to office herds and servitude shoppers.  He kept saying, “I am the revolution.  I am what must be.  My voice is the cry of Earth.  My passion is the agony of creation.”


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