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Eureka: Ingredients for the fourth industrial revolution
by Jay Gutman
2017-02-23 13:21:28
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The recipe for the fourth industrial revolution: good data gatherers, good data analysts, good independent service providers, good online and offline safety systems, good machine handlers, good application of data to real life situations, good innovators and a fair land distribution system.

analysis01_400Good data gatherers: Whether it be in agriculture, industry, medicine, pharmacy or any other area of the economy, you need good, honest and reliable data gatherers. You need to make sure your data gatherers are not people pleasers. You need to make sure they are not adding or deleting zeros from the data.

When gathering data in agriculture for example, you need precise numbers for the arable land, irrigation systems, planting and harvest cycles. Because the rest is pretty much automatized or can be automatized, meaning all farmers now do is mostly press the “on” and “off” buttons. Same goes for industry, construction, medicine or pharmacy.

Good data analysts: Some people have data but have no idea what to do with it. Others have data but don’t have a sense of what it is to work collectively (ironically call themselves “collective societies”) and tend to sabotage each other. When gathering data, you need to analyze the trends and risks, as in epidemics, growth or harvest difficulties in agriculture, weather or seasonal disruptions and so on. So if teamwork is involved, you need teams who work well with each other.

Good online and offline safety systems: data can be hacked or sabotaged, or your neighborhood can have crime or safety issues. There are ways to deter crime, terror and to keep the neighborhood safe. Explosives detectors work very well, as well as weapons detectors or online hacking intrusion detectors. You need teams that work well to prevent terror, cyber terror or crime.

Good machine handlers: construction is being automatized, so is agriculture, most industry, many services. You need people who can work well with machines, who can identify machine disruptions or when machines will need to be fixed. On the plus side, dangers such as construction work will be minimized.

Good application of data to real life situations: You need people who know how to act by reading the data. That means you need people with good intentions. If their seniors managers are reducing their subordinates to “non entities” or to “zero-degree ultra-submissive subordinates” you won’t be able to read the data and to act accordingly depending on the situation.

Good innovators: The fourth industrial revolution is mostly an economy where people exchange services. This means people need to be innovative in their approach when exchanging services, and need to innovate services that actually attract customers.

Fair land distribution systems: Ultimately land will be by and large the most valuable resource. This means your country will need to provide land for housing and for business. Any concentration of land within a few hands can stifle the economy.

Hope this sums up your quest to join the fourth industrial revolution. Good luck!

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