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Life in the Machine
by Nikos Laios
2017-02-16 11:00:48
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Life in the Machine

I sat up on the edge
Of bed blinking
With bleary eyes
In the darkness of
An early morning as
I rubbed my stubbled face
img_1855_wheels_of_industry_400And poured a hot coffee
To wake me up for the
Morning shift,
As I stared at the
Blue overalls
Hanging on a
Hook behind
The door and
My father's
Words echoed in
My mind.

Grow up as quickly as possible,
Get a job, start earning money,
Spend, consume as many goods as you can,
Buy a house, buy a car,
Buy credit cards,
Buy loans.

Work, eat, shit, sleep
And make the most
Of it and your robot life;
Forget about god, the soul,
Contemplating humanity,
Free thought and acts of kindness;
It's all a waste of time,
An illusion,
Its all bullshit son!

Work, produce,
Consume and die;
But before you do,
Make sure you produce
Enough children
To feed into the machine,
That's just how it is,
You can't fight the machine

I drank my coffee
And stared at the
Blue overalls,
How I hated those
Blue overalls!

The alarm clock
Buzzed again, 6 o'clock;
I smashed it against the wall
And reclined back in my bed,
I was rebel today, at least for today.

That's all I could do,
I filled my life up with
These small acts of rebellion;
They made my life in the machine
Much more palatable somehow.

I thought about my father's
Words, and ignored them,
He was an asshole anyway;
I lay back in bed sipping the last dregs
Of coffee as I listened to the melodious strains
Of classical music crackling from the radio,
With streams of sunlight filtering through
The curtains dancing on the carpet,
And the sounds of birds chirping
Through the half-open window,
And the fresh morning coolness
Seeping through and I revelled
In this rush of freedom
And I felt like a young
Boy again skipping class;
I smiled because I was free,
Just for this one day,
I was a freedom fighter
Against the machine.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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Leah Sellers2017-02-17 00:09:32
I do so Love your Soul and your Art, dear Sir ! Thank you !

Nikos Laios 2017-02-17 15:38:43
Dear Leah,
Thank you for your generous comments and continued support, I treasure them. Also, thank you for your beautiful words as well, for I am a great fan of your writing ☺

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