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Eureka: Rules to follow with strangers
by Joseph Gatt
2017-02-13 11:20:09
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Having lived in many different cities throughout my life I got to be a stranger pretty much everywhere I went. That has its perks, as I’ve had few obligations to other people throughout my life, but that also taught me common sense rules to apply with strangers. So here are some rules you should, or should I say must follow with strangers. The rules are in no particular order.

stranger01_400Rule number 1: Stay on your feet

The best position to talk with strangers is while standing up. That way you may leave anytime the conversation gets awkward. If you’re sitting in a bus, train or plane, the newspaper or your phone will be very useful.

Rule number 2: Don’t accept food or drinks

Food and drinks can be poisoned, and especially if you’re a woman, but also if you’re a man, you have to be careful. Buy your own drinks, eat your own food. In some cases, as at the bar, the person who drugs your drink could be the bartender with the stranger you’re talking to being an accomplice.

Rule number 3: Don’t follow them

They always know the best party in town, the cheapest food or clothes you can find in the area or they may want to invite you for a cup of coffee at a really nice coffee place. Pretend to pick up the phone and that there’s an emergency somewhere.  This is how a lot of rapes, muggings and other horrors start off.

Rule number 4: Don’t talk, act or dress provocatively

Strangers like to approach those who act provocatively. Those who say provocative things or dress in a way that demands flattering. Then you’ll be stuck with people you don’t really want to talk to.

Rule number 5: Don’t mix small talk with real talk

Small talk means talking about the weather or having a good day. Real talk is revealing personal information like your address or workplace. Reveal your workplace to a stranger and you might deeply regret it, as in some cases having to quit your job because you’re being stalked.

Rule number 6: If you want to meet people, try clubs and associations

Church if you’re the religious type, a political party if you’re the political type, a sports team if you like team sports. But save the real talk for later in such clubs.

Same rules apply for social media. If possible don’t reveal your last name to strangers as well. Still talking to strangers can be fun. Have fun talking to strangers but stay safe! 

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