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No Tyrant Can Steal My Joy No Tyrant Can Steal My Joy
by Ovi Magazine Guest
2017-02-07 11:17:35
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No Tyrant Can Steal My Joy
By George Cassidy Payne

Tyranny is about taking away the freedom to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. That’s the one thing I will not let happen. I will not let my joy get robbed from me. I will not let my joy get hijacked. It’s mine.

forest01_400_02No one else can have it. No one else has earned it. No one else can pirate it from me.

Despite the facts. Despite alternative facts. Despite the pretend need for facts. Despite facts to prove facts. Despite sirens. Despite executive orders. Despite barking dogs. Whistles. Babies crying. Botched plans. I am going to claim my joy anyways. Life is too ferociously prosperous and wide awake not to.

The sky is too jasmine blue not to fall head over heels in love with it each day.

The air is too dolphin belly clean not to suck it in with sublime reflection.

The rivers are too gorgeous and unmarked not to analyze their currents and rapids with a prayerful smile.

The mountains are too grief stricken not to stand in awe of their shadows like pillows on the floor of the earth.
The trails are endless. The stars are simmering.

The highways are beyond the reception of cell phones. The whole place is alive with being alive.

Higher than I could go before. Joy raises me above the hairnet twisted power lines of communication and past the palm orange clouds of my picture-framed utopias. Folded into other stratospheres of seeing. Joy abounds in me and lifts me up like a wounded child on a bloodied stretcher.

I am joyful because I know that I am a victim of the future. Joyless, one day I will rot with the mud worms. Disintegrating into the murky tunnels of the moles and shrews. Decomposing into the difference between wonder and surprise.

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