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The Greek Express #77
by Thanos Raftopoulos
2017-02-04 11:47:14
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Emanuel Paparella2017-02-04 14:41:08
There is a scene in Dante’s hell of a man holding his own head to do light unto himself.

The torch of freedom can be dimmed and even lost but it can conceivably be re-lit or picked up by others; it rarely dies forever. The real tragedy, however, would be for democracy to lose its own head by decapitation in an attempt to do light unto itself; that kind of tragedy is irreparable and unto death; to be greatly feared. It’s like loosing one’s humanity; the sickness unto death of which Kierkegaard speaks; for, once you have lost your own humanity you’ll never know that you have lost it, nor will you ever miss it. We may have one such exemplar sitting in the White House as we speak playing some kind of narcissistic reality show in his sick fantasy...

We may not have seen anything yet.

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