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Frankestein or the Modern Promethean
by David Sparenberg
2017-02-02 11:40:11
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Once more the monster’s hulking shadow descends heavily across the nation, reaching out, clutching at the beating heart of the world.  That visage—the terrible face of the reanimated!

fore01_400_01Cold sweat!  As millions are dismayed; millions tremble in fear, eviscerated, confused.  Others bear within mirrors of the monster’s agenda and hasten to join the dread cult of madness, and the fiend.

The monster knows no reality outside of demonic craving.  Aloof in its burning tower! Yet the monster is not alone

Here is our gravest danger.  The house of numbers.  The global graveyard.  Here falls the ultimate terror. 

Maelstrom rises—splattering of foam and blood, oil and blood.  In the Reich of Frankenstein’s Monster, frenzied in blind violence, worlds collide.  People without refuge are ripped apart.  Before death has collected their corpses, races are buried.  Horrific this fate of the walking dead!

Before the tribunals of betrayal: Twilight of the Idols.  In willed confusion, the fiend reinterprets the human narrative. Civilizations vanish.

David Sparneberg


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